Rainbow Six Siege Guide


Side Attacker
Role Crowd Control
Release Year One, Season Three
Armor Light
Speed Fast

Operator Tips

Capitao is a unique attack Operator that uses a crossbow to debilitate the enemy team. If you believe an enemy is hiding in a corner, fire a bolt to push them out. The great thing about the crossbow is the bolts can fly through a single bullet hole in the wall. If there is a non-reinforced wall, shoot at it with your primary weapon, then switch to your crossbow and shoot a dart through the same hole.

Smoke grenades will reduce all visibility and provide cover for the team, unless met with Warden’s glasses. His primary weapons are lethal and accurate if vertical grips and compensators are used to reduce recoil.

Unique Ability

Capitão’s unique ability is the tactical crossbow. This crossbow fires incendiary bolts that cause 12 damage per second, and micro smoke grenades that provide cover. Two of each bolts are available per round.

Press the ability button to bring up the crossbow, and then press UP on the D-PAD to switch bolts. A small picture on the back of the bolts, and the color of the bolts themselves, help identify the different effects. Blue is smoke, orange is incendiary darts. Both the smoke and the fire will last for about 8 seconds after being deployed.

The incendiary grenades will not only damage enemy combatants, but also friendly Operators. They will not destroy gadgets, however.

Primary Weapons

Damage 48
(40 Suppressed)
Class Assault Rifle
Fire Rate 650 RPM Fire Mode Full Auto
Semi Auto
Mobility 50 Sights Red Dot
Magazine 30+1 Grips Vertical Grip
Angled Grip
MP Capacity 31/210 Barrel Suppressor
Flash Hider
Muzzle Brake
Extended Barrel
TH Capacity 31/240 Under Barrel Laser
Damage 46
(39 Suppressed)
Class Light Machine Gun
Fire Rate 650 RPM Fire Mode Full Auto
Mobility 50 Sights Red Dot
Magazine 100 Grips Vertical Grip
MP Capacity 100/300 Barrel Flash Hider
TH Capacity 100/200 Under Barrel Laser

Secondary Weapons

Damage 42
(35 Suppressed)
Class Handgun
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 45 Sights -
Magazine 15+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 16/75 Barrel Suppressor
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 16/135 Under Barrel Laser


Claymore 1 motion-triggered explosive mine. Set it in door ways or protect objectives with these.
Stun Grenade 3 grenades that detonate two seconds after being thrown. They impair the vision and hearing of all Operators near the explosion for several seconds. Use it to blind and deafen a room filled with enemies before clearing it out.