Rainbow Six Siege Guide


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Operator Tips

Bandit’s shock wire allows him to electrify various metal items. In the preparation round, hook them up to barbed wire to prevent any drones from coming into the objective room. They can remain on barbed wire to stop speedy and shield-bearing Operators, or hook all of them up to reinforced walls to prevent any electrical device from breaching through.

Maverick’s blowtorch will still breach without any trouble since it doesn’t use any sort of electronics.

Unique Ability

Bandit’s unique ability sets up a Crude Electrical Device using car batteries and wire that destroys nearly all electrical gadgets and can damage enemies. This includes friendly gadgets, so be careful!

The shock wire can be hooked up to reinforced steel walls, barbed wire, and deployable shields. Electrified barbed wire is great for destroying any drones that try to sneak into the objective room. Not only is electricity effective against gadgets, but they will also injure enemy Operators. All electrified surfaces will injure enemy Operators with approximately 3 HP worth of damage per tick, and there are about three ticks per second for electric damage.

All gadgets that can be destroyed by electricity are listed below, including friendly gadgets!

  • Drones
  • Breach charges
  • Nitro Cells
  • Bulletproof Cameras
  • Thermite’s exothermic charges
  • Twitch’s shock drones
  • Fuze’s cluster charge
  • Ying’s Candela
  • Zofia’s concussion and impact grenades
  • Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets
  • Nomad’s airjabs
  • Smoke’s gas bombs
  • Mute’s signal jammers
  • Kapkan’s entry denial devices
  • Jager’s active defense systems
  • Valkyrie’s cameras
  • Lesion’s GU mines
  • Ela’s concussion mines
  • Maestro’s evil eyes
  • Alibi’s prisms

Four shock wires can be hooked up per round, and the car batteries at the center can be destroyed with firearms, explosives, or Thatcher’s EMP grenades.

Primary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”MP7″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|32~~(27 Suppressed)|Class|Submachine Gun
Fire Rate|900 RPM|Fire Mode|Full Auto~~Semi Auto
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex
MP Capacity|31/150|Barrel|Suppressor~~Flash Hider~~Compensator~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|31/180|Under Barrel|Laser

[table th=”0″ caption=”M870″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|Pump Action
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex
MP Capacity|7/29|Barrel|-
TH Capacity|7/78|Under Barrel|Laser

Secondary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”P12″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|44~~(37 Suppressed)|Class|Handgun
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|Semi Auto
MP Capacity|16/60|Barrel|Suppressor~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|19/120|Under Barrel|Laser


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Barbed Wire|2 bundles of barbed wire. Used to slow down enemies while attacking the base.
Nitro Cell|1 remote-detonated bomb. Can be disarmed by shooting or blowing it up.