Rainbow Six Siege Guide


Side Attacker
Role Crowd Control
CTU Spetsnaz
Release Original
Armor Heavy
Speed Slow

Operator Tips

Fuze is a heavy-duty attacker. Use his gadget to blast the next room with cluster charges, then slowly investigate the remains with a shield protecting yourself. The Ballistic Shield can withstand all firearm damage from the front, reduce explosive damage, but it will not cover the entire body from all sides. When switching to your secondary, the shield will be placed on your back, offering protection from the rear.

A handgun can be fired while behind the shield, but only from the hip with terrible aim. When aiming the firearm, the shield will be tilted diagonally and only protect the midsection. Moreover, using a secondary weapon while the shield is out in front will prevent the gun from auto-reloading.

Alternatively, you can rush in and shoot down whatever might still be kicking with an assault rifle or light machine gun. Light machine guns are also great ways to provide suppressive fire for your team as they rush in.

Using the cluster charge will only create a small hole. It’s best to have a breach charge as your gadget if you wish to bust open the wall, window, or hatch. Of course, cluster charges can also be used on breakable floors to send a cluster of grenades down from above.

Remember to NOT use the cluster charge while securing hostages in Terrorist Hunt or Multiplayer.

Unique Ability

Fuze’s unique ability is the Cluster Charge. This is a special gadget that can be planted on destructible surfaces, then activated with a clacker to send five mini-grenades on the other side of the destructible surface. Only a small hole will be breached on the surface. The gadget can be destroyed by firearms and explosives before all five grenades are sent out.

Being an electronic gadget mixed with grenades, the cluster charge can be jammed by Mute’s signal jammer, and three of the five grenades can be neutralized with Jager’s ADS.

Primary Weapons

Ballistic Shield
Damage 100 Class Shield
Fire Rate - Fire Mode -
Mobility 30 Sights -
Magazine - Grips -
MP Capacity - Barrel -
TH Capacity - Under Barrel -
Damage 46
(39 Suppressed)
Class Light Machine Gun
Fire Rate 680 RPM Fire Mode Full Auto
Mobility 50 Sights Red Dot
Magazine 100 Grips Vertical Grip
MP Capacity 100/300 Barrel Suppressor
Flash Hider
TH Capacity 100/300 Under Barrel Laser
Damage 45
(38 Suppressed)
Class Assault Rifle
Fire Rate 850 RPM Fire Mode Full Auto
Semi Auto
3 Round Burst
Mobility 50 Sights Red Dot
Magazine 30+1 Grips Vertical Grip
Angled Grip
MP Capacity 31/210 Barrel Suppressor
Flash Hider
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 31/240 Under Barrel Laser

Secondary Weapons

Damage 61
(51 Suppressed)
Class Handgun
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 45 Sights -
Magazine 8+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 9/40 Barrel Suppressor
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 9/136 Under Barrel Laser
Damage 44
(37 Suppressed)
Class Handgun
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 45 Sights -
Magazine 18+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 19/54 Barrel Suppressor
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 19/126 Under Barrel -


Breach Charge 3 charges that are used to blow open breakable surfaces. Get the jump on enemies or create new lines of sight.
Smoke Grenade 2 Smoke Grenades that detonate two seconds after hitting the ground.