Rainbow Six Siege Guide


Side Attacker
Role Intel
CTU Spetsnaz
Release Original
Armor Heavy
Speed Slow

Operator Tips

Glaz is a long-range Operator. His only primary weapon is a marksman rifle with a toggle scope that can highlight enemies through low visibility while standing still. A suppressor can be used to hide your location, but a muzzle brake will allow the weapon to be stronger and more accurate. Pick off any enemy Operators who might be spawn peeking or running out of the building at the start of the round.

When entering the building and going to close range, you might want to switch to your pistol to pull of quick shots. An alternative is to throw smoke grenades to hide your presence. However, bulletproof cameras, Maestro’s evil eye, and Warden’s glance smart glasses will be able to see through Smoke just like Glaz.

Unique Ability

Glaz’s unique ability is a magnification scope with sophisticated image sensors. Toggle this weapon sight to see long distances and highlight enemy combatants in yellow, even through smoke. Toggle the scope off to use the rifle with normal weapon sights at close to medium ranges.

An enemy will only be highlighted through smoke if Glaz remains still. As Glaz moves, the highlighted enemy will begin to fade after 6 seconds. It will then take another two seconds of remaining absolutely still for the scope to see through smoke again. There are lights along the side of the scope to notify you of the highlighting ability.

Primary Weapons

Damage 71
(60 Suppressed)
Class Marksman Rifle
Fire Rate 380 RPM Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 36 Sights Red Dot
Magazine 10+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 11/50 Barrel Suppressor
Flash Hider
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 11/80 Under Barrel -

Secondary Weapons

Damage 44
(37 Suppressed)
Class Handgun
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 45 Sights -
Magazine 18+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 19/54 Barrel Suppressor
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 19/126 Under Barrel -
Damage 61
(51 Suppressed)
Class Handgun
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 45 Sights -
Magazine 8+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 9/40 Barrel Suppressor
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 9/136 Under Barrel Laser


Smoke Grenade 2 Smoke Grenades that detonate two seconds after hitting the ground.
Frag Grenade 2 grenades that explode three seconds after pulling the pin. The grenades can be “cooked” by holding it in your hand for a second or two before throwing.