Rainbow Six Siege Guide

Years and Seasons Calendar

Rainbow Six Siege uses Seasons and Years to define their different content packs and title updates. There are four seasons per year, and March 2019 marks the beginning of year four. Players have the option of purchasing a yearly pass, but it is not necessary to access all content. All maps and updates are given to everyone for free, and new Operators can be unlocked with the currency earned in-game. The current Year 4 Pass and everything that comes with it is outlined below.

Year 4 Pass

The Year 4 Pass allows the holder to instantly unlock eight new Operators throughout the four seasons of Year 4. These characters will be available seven days earlier than those who do not own the Year 4 pass, and a bonus 8 Uniforms and 8 Headgear will be given for free specifically for these Operators. Additionally, the Year 4 Pass includes a bonus 600 R6 Credits and the Lava 6 Charm for all primary and select secondary weapons. And finally, Year 4 season pass holders will receive a 5% Renown Boost, 10% discount on all item from the in-game shop (Renown and R6), and a 0.3% boost on Alpha Pack increases until January 31, 2020.

Year and Season Updates

# Name Map Operators Features Release
Y1S1 Operation Black Ice Yacht Buck
Spectator camera February 2, 2016
Y1S2 Operation Dust Line Border Blackbeard
Charms, Headgear. May 10, 2016
Y1S3 Operation Skull Rain Favela Capitao
Surrender option August 2, 2016
Y1S4 Operation Red Crow Skyscraper Hibana
Uniforms, Enhanced Destruction November 17 2016
Y2S1 Operation Velvet Shell Coastline Jackal
UI update February 7, 2017
Y2S2 Operation Health - - Alpha Packs June 7, 2017
Y2S3 Operation Blood Orchid Theme Park Ying
Drone update August 29, 2017
Y2S4 Operation White Noise Tower Dokkaebi
- November 20, 2017
Y3S1 Operation Chimera - Lion
Outbreak game mode March 6, 2018
Y3S2 Operation Para Bellum Villa Alibi
Clubhouse map rework, Pick and Ban custom option June 7, 2018
Y3S3 Operation Grim Sky - Maverick
Hereford Base map rework September 4, 2018
Y3S4 Operation Wind Bastion Fortress Kaid
- December 4, 2018
Y4S1 Operation Burnt Horizon Outback Gridlock
- March 6, 2019
Y4S2 Operation Phantom Sight - Nokk
Kafe Dostoyevsky map rework June 12, 2019
Y4S3 Operation Ember Rise - Goyo
Kanal map rework September 11, 2019
Y4S4 Operation Shifting Tides - Kali
Theme Park map rework December 3, 2019