Rainbow Six Siege Guide

Weapons, Gadgets, and Attachments

Rainbow Six Siege contains very simple, yet very customizable, weapon loadouts. Each Operator can equip one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and one gadget. The available weapons and gadgets depend on the chosen Operator. While most Operators have different firearms tied to them, they often share the same gadgets.

This page gives a brief description of all weapon categories in Rainbow Six Siege, how to use them, a description of all attachments, and an explanation all gadgets. I will also be updating the page with a list of all Operators that use each weapon category and gadgets.

Weapons and gadgets cannot be picked up from dead Operators, but an Operator’s entire loadout can be chosen at the start of each round.


[table align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left”]
Assault Rifles|Ash~~Blackbeard~~Buck~~Capitao~~Finka~~Fuze~~Gridlock~~Hibana~~IQ~~Jackal~~Lion~~Maverick~~Nomad~~Sledge~~Thatcher~~Thermite~~Twitch~~Zofia|Jager~~Mozzie~~Wamai|Assault Rifles are highly useful and modular primary weapons. They’re best suited for medium range engagements, and have medium to high rates of fire. Their penetration through walls is average as well.~~~~Often times Assault Rifles have select fire between full auto, three round burst, and semi auto. Most have the option to use all attachments in the game.
Submachine Guns|Jackal~~Nokk|Alibi~~Bandit~~Castle~~Caveira~~Doc~~Echo~~Ela~~Frost~~Goyo~~Kaid~~Kapkan~~Lesion~~Mira~~Mozzie~~Mute~~Pulse~~Rook~~Smoke~~Tachanka~~Valkyrie~~Vigil~~Wamai~~Warden|Submachine Guns are low power, high rate of fire primary weapons. These weapons lose power and accuracy at a distance, but are deadly in CQB. Their penetration through walls is below average.~~~~Often times SMGs have select fire between full auto, three round burst, and semi auto. Most have the option to use all attachments in the game.
Light Machine Guns|Amaru~~Capitao~~Finka~~Fuze~~Gridlock~~IQ~~Ying~~Zofia|Maestro|Light Machine Guns are powerful but inaccurate fully automatic primary weapons, often with high capacity magazines and medium to high rates of fire. They’re best suited for covering fire, and have great penetrating power.~~~~Often times LMGs can only be full auto. Using attachments to reduce recoil are the best choices, such as foregrips and compensators.
Shotguns|Amaru~~Dokkaebi~~Finka~~Gridlock~~Hibana~~Jackal~~Lion~~Mozzie~~Nokk~~Sledge~~Thatcher~~Thermite~~Twitch~~Ying|Alibi~~Bandit~~Castle~~Caveira~~Doc~~Echo~~Ela~~Frost~~Goyo~~Jager~~Kaid~~Kapkan~~Lesion~~Maestro~~Mira~~Mute~~Pulse~~Rook~~Smoke~~Tachanka~~Valkyrie~~Vigil~~Warden|Shotguns are very powerful primary weapons suited for close quarter battling, but quickly lose their damage across the room. Due to their lower rate of fire and ammo capacity, they are risky to use unless the player is accurate and nearby. Shotguns have the best penetrating power, as one blast will punch a whole in any breakable surface.
Marksman Rifles|Blackbeard~~Buck~~Dokkaebi~~Glaz~~Kali~~Lion~~Twitch|-|Marksman Rifles are pin-point accurate and highly powerful primary weapons. However, these weapons often have low capacity magazines and low rates of fire from being semi automatic. Use these weapons at a distance, either as covering fire or to snipe enemies. They also have great penetrating power through surfaces.~~~~When it comes to attachments, use muzzle brakes to increase accuracy or suppressors and flash hiders to hide your location. High magnification scopes are also great options.
Handguns|Most|Most|Handguns are the most common secondary weapons for Operators. They are low powered, low rate of fire pistols that should only be used if your primary weapon isn’t suited for the current situation. Handguns in Rainbow Six Siege can be semi automatic or revolver based, and have very few attachments.
Machine Pistols|Amaru~~Dokkaebi~~Hibana~~Kali~~Sledge|Clash~~Echo~~Mute~~Smoke~~Vigil~~Warden|Machine Pistols are a less common secondary weapon for Operators. They have low power and accuracy, but high rates of fire and decent magazine capacities. Only use these weapons on full auto if battling an enemy in the same room as you.
Shields|Blitz~~Fuze~~Montagne|Clash|Shields are uncommon primary weapons for select Operators. They will resist all damage from firearms and explosives when coming from the front. When the Operator switches to their secondary weapon, the shield will be placed on their back, protecting them against damage from the rear. A melee attack from a shield will down an enemy, but not kill them instantly.

Weapon Attachments

There are four common weapon sights that can be found on the majority of weapons. A handful of Operators, starting with the Russian SPETSNAZ, have an alternate version of the four sights. Additionally, the M249 has its own scope, and select handguns have integrated red dots. The ACOG is the only one of the four that increases magnification.

The digital sights can be temporarily disabled with Thatcher’s EMP grenades.

[table align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Suppressor|Barrel|Reduces weapon noise and eliminates muzzle flash, but also reduces the overall damage of the weapon.
Flash Hider|Barrel|Hides muzzle flash and gives better control over burst fire.
Compensator|Barrel|Reduces muzzle climb over time, giving better control over full auto fire.
Muzzle Brake|Barrel|Reduces firearm kick and gives better control over single shot fire.
Extended Barrel|Barrel|Provides full weapon damage over a longer range.
Vertical Grip|Grip|Reduces firearm kick and increases accuracy.
Angled Grip|Grip|Allows quicker aiming down the weapon’s sights.
Laser|Underbarrel|Adds a red laser to the bottom of your weapon, increasing hip fire accuracy. However, the red laser will be visible to all players. Thatcher’s EMP grenades will temporarily disable the laser and revert hip fire accuracy.


[table align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Stun Grenade|x3|Amaru~~Ash~~Blackbeard~~Buck~~Capitao~~Hibana~~Lion~~Maverick~~Montagne~~Nomad~~Sledge~~Thermite|A flashbang / stun grenade that detonates two seconds after being thrown. Stun grenades impair the vision and hearing of all Operators in direct line-of-sight of the explosion. If the Operator does not see the flash, they will not be blinded but will still have a ringing in their ears. Use it to blind and deafen a room filled with enemies before rushing in.
Frag Grenade|x2|Buck~~Dokkaebi~~Finka~~Glaz~~Sledge|A fragmentation grenade that explodes three seconds after pulling the pin. Each grenade can be “cooked” by holding the explosive in your hand for a few seconds after puling the pin. If timed right, a cooked grenade will explode right as it reaches an enemy. Although frags do a lot of damage to human Operators, they will not cause much destruction. If they do happen to create a hole in a wall, it won’t be big enough to get through.
Claymore|x1|Amaru~~Capitao~~IQ~~Jackal~~Kali~~Lion~~Maverick~~Nokk~~Thatcher~~Thermite~~Twitch~~Ying~~Zofia|A motion-triggered explosive mine. Once the mine is set, it will automatically detonate when an enemy breaks the lasers trip mines coming from the front face. The device can also be destroyed with another explosive or a firearm. Set it in door ways to cover your rear, but try to keep them out of view from hostiles. They are also highly useful for protecting the defuser in the bomb game mode.
Breach Charge|x3|Ash~~Blackbeard~~Blitz~~Finka~~Fuze~~Gridlock~~Hibana~~IQ~~Kali~~Nokk~~Nomad~~Thatcher~~Twitch~~Ying~~Zofia|A breach charge is an explosive charge that is used to blow open breakable surfaces. Get the jump on enemies or create new paths and lines-of-sight into the objective room. If an enemy is directly on the other side, they will be killed from the blast; but if the enemy is a distance from the breach charge, they will only get a ringing in their ears. These gadgets can be destroyed with firearms, explosives, or electrified metal surfaces.
Smoke Grenade|x2|Blitz~~Dokkaebi~~Fuze~~Glaz~~Gridlock~~Jackal~~Montagne|A Smoke Grenade that detonates two seconds after hitting the ground. Use it to cover your teammate’s positions. Glaz’s sniper rifle, Warden’s glasses, and bulletproof cameras can see through smoke with their IR optics.
Impact Grenade|x2|Alibi~~Castle~~Caveira~~Clash~~Goyo~~Kaid~~Kapkan~~Lesion~~Maestro~~Rook~~Vigil|An explosive grenade that detonates on impact. Opposite to frags, impact grenades have great destruction power but little damaging power against Operators. Use them to blow open walls and hatches to create new lines of sight.
Barbed Wire|x2|Bandit~~Clash~~Doc~~Echo~~Ela~~Jager~~Kaid~~Maestro~~Mira~~Mozzie~~Rook~~Smoke~~Tachanka~~Wamai~~Warden|A bundle of barbed wire. Use this to slow down both enemy Operators and drones. Enemy Operators cannot run while in barbed wire, which is highly useful against speedy Operators that rush into objective rooms and start picking off players. It’s also a good idea to place this wire near other gadgets to camouflage them and ensnare Operators in traps. Since barbed wire is made out of metal, it can be electrified by select Operator gadgets. Barbed wire can be destroyed by explosives or two melee attacks.
Nitro Cell|x1|Bandit~~Goyo~~Kapkan~~Mira~~Mozzie~~Mute~~Valkyrie|A remote-detonated C4 explosive that causes massive damage. Unfortunately, the bomb will give off its location with a blinking red light and faint beeping noise. These can be destroyed with firearms, explosives, or electrified metal surfaces.
Deployable Shield|x1|Alibi~~Echo~~Ela~~Frost~~~Smoke~~Tachanka~~Valkyrie~~Wamai~~Warden|A Deployable Shield that can be used to create a makeshift barrier. Can also be attached to doorways as instead of barricading. Shields withstand all firearm and explosive damage from the front, but will instantly collapse due to explosions from behind or underneath. The metal surface can also be electrified by select Operators. After the Y4S3 update, small lines will stripe the shields from the top to the bottom, allowing Operators to see through from both sides.
Bulletproof Camera|x1|Castle~~Caveira~~Doc~~Frost~~Jager~~Lesion~Mute~~Vigil|A sturdy, stationary camera that can withstand direct firearm shots to its front plate. This camera can see through thick smoke with its IR optics, but the camera cannot be moved like all others built into buildings. Cameras blink yellow for friendly, blue for enemy, and white for Vigil and Nokk. Bulletproof cameras cannot withstand explosives or any damage from the sides.


[table align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left”]
Rappel|Attack|A hook and rope is used to rappel up and down the side of buildings. Change stances between right-side-up and up-side-down, and descend quickly by pressing the buttons that appear on screen.
Drone|Attack|A mobile drone with two wheels. Used to scope out buildings and ID enemy Operators. Two drones are available per round. Switch to your smartphone to use the drones that are currently out. Drones blink yellow for friendly, blue for enemy, and white for Vigil and Nokk.
Security Camera|Defend|A stationary security camera built into the building. Used to monitor buildings and ID enemy Operators. Switch to your smartphone to use cameras. Cameras blink yellow for friendly, blue for enemy, and white for Vigil and Nokk.
Barricades|Defend|A wooden barricade that can be set over any doorway or window. Three melee hits will cause the barricade to break. Explosives and firearms will also destroy barricades.
Reinforced Barricades|Defend|A steel barricade that can be deployed over breakable walls or hatches. Only two are available per round. Only Operators with hard breaching gadgets can get through the steel. Reinforced barricades can also be electrified for extra protection.