Rainbow Six Siege Guide


Situations is a single player game mode where you face off against AI Terrorist with a pre-selected Operator and loadout. This is basically the tutorial portion of Rainbow Six Siege spanned throughout 10 missions. Play them on Normal, Hard, or Realistic difficulty. There’s a very small boost in both Renown and XP when the difficulty is increased, but most players don’t think it’s worth the increased difficulty.

Each of the 10 Situations also has three objectives that can be completed to earn a star and extra Renown. The stars don’t do anything other than unlock an achievement or trophy. Renown is used to unlock weapon skins, headgear, uniforms, and charms. Click each situation to see a walkthrough video and the three objectives. Make note: a mission does not have to be completed to earn an objective star unless stated in the objective.

The eleventh situation is actually a match of Terrorist Hunt. The mode is Disarm Bomb on the map Bartlett U. The best Operators situated for this game mode are IQ to find the bombs, Glaz to easily target terrorists through the gas, and Lion to highlight incoming enemies. Another good option is Thatcher to take out all the Nitro Cells or temporarily disable Bombers.

After the Year 4 Season 3 Update, all Situations will be available to players from the start, and missions do not need to be completed to play Multiplayer. They will also be reordered from easiest to hardest.