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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Wela Volcano Park

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Cubone Grass Walking Any Any
Fletchling Grass Walking Any Any
Kangaskhan SOS Cubone Walking Any Any
Magby Grass Walking Any Any
Magmar SOS Magby Walking Any Any
Salandit Grass Walking Any Any

Travel up the mountain side to the northwest. A Hyper Potion can be found up the first cliff side. Climb up the next cliff side to find a Pokemon Trainer.

Sightseer Mariah

Meowth ♀
Level 19
Ability Technician
Held Item None
Moves Bite
Fake Out
Fury Swipes

Defeat Mariah to earn P1,140. Enter the cave to the north to head further up the volcano. The first woman on the left will heal your team instantly. Before going through the trial gates to the north, jump down the ledges to the west to explore the rest of the mountain.

A Charcoal can be found on the way down the cliff. Give this to a Pokemon to increase the power of their fire-type attacks. Enter the cave at the bottom of the path to reach the right side of the mountain. Another trainer will be near the tall grass.

Ace Trainer Jim

Kadabra ♂
Level 21
Ability Inner Focus
Held Item None
Moves Psybeam

Defeat Jim to receive P1,428. Walk along the edge to the east to find TM39 Rock Tomb. South of the technical machine is a Trainer.

Hiker Calhoun

Roggenrola ♂
Level 18
Ability Weak Armor
Held Item None
Moves Sand Attack
Rock Blast
Machop ♂
Level 19
Ability No Guard
Held Item None
Moves Foresight
Low Sweep
Seismic Toss

Defeat the Hiker to receive P608. Jump down the ledges to the southwest to return to the starting area. After the second ledge you can find a Zygarde Cell. You can also grab a Burn Heal along the way down. With that out of the way, return to the top of the mountain to begin your trial.

Wela Volcano Park Totem Den

Kiawe will ask if you’re ready to start your trial. It’s a trial of observation. Watch some dancing Marowak and figure out which one is different at the end of the performance when they freeze in place. The answer to the first question is the middle Marowak. She will then challenge you to a battle.

Marowak ♀
Level 18
Ability Cursed Body
Held Item None
Moves Flame Wheel
Bone Club
Tail Whip

The answer to the second question will be the Hiker, who will then challenge you to a battle.

Hiker David

Magmar ♂
Level 19
Ability Flame Body
Held Item None
Moves Smokescreen
Feint Attack
Fire Spin
Clear Smog

Defeat David to receive P608. The answer to the third question will be any of the choices.

Totem Salazzle ♀
Level 22
Ability Corrosion
Held Item Petaya Berry
Moves Torment
Venom Drench
Flame Burst

This Totem Pokemon can be very dangerous with its Corrosion ability and Toxic move. This will badly Poison any Pokemon unless they have the immunity ability. This includes steel-type and poison-type Pokemon which normally cannot be poisoned! Additionally, its Venom Drench attack will lower any of your poisoned Pokemon’s attack, special attack, and speed stats in a single move.

Salazzle will also call Salandit and others to come to its aid from time to time, some which might have the Venoshock attack that doubles in power when used on poisoned Pokemon.

Try to hit Salazzle hard and fast before the poison and stat defects take their tole. Use ground-type attacks to deal 4x damage to the poison/fire Pokemon. Rock-, psychic-, and water-type attacks will also work well against Salazzle. Hopefully you have a number of different effective attacks since Torment will prevent your Pokemon from using the same move in a row. Once Salazzle’s HP gets low enough, it will eat the Petaya Berry to boost its special attack.

Defeat the Totem Pokemon and her allies to receive Firium Z, 10 Quick Balls, and to register Charizard to your Ride Pager. This allows you to fly to any area you’ve already visited, including previous islands across the ocean. The Poke Pelago option will also be added to your main menu. See the Poke Pelago page for more information.

Now that you’ve completed the trial, return to the captain’s gate at the north end of Route 7. They’ll allow you to pass on to route 8.