Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Route 7

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Diglett Beach Dust Cloud Any Any
Finneon Water Surfing Any Any
Pyukumuku Water Surfing Any Any
Tentacool Water Surfing Any Any
Magikarp Water Fishing Any Any
Gyarados SOS Magikarp Fishing Any Any
Staryu Water Fishing Any Any
Starmie SOS Staryu Fishing Any Any
Wishiwashi Water Fishing Any Any
Wingull Water Surfing Any Any

At the north side of the route is a captain’s barricade. You won’t be able to go through until you complete the next trial, which is directly to the west. Before you go to the trial, you can surf along the ocean on the east side of the route A trainer will be swimming near the beach.

Swimmer Dakota

Surskit ♂
Level 19
Ability Swift Swim
Held Item None
Moves Quick Attack
Sweet Scent
Water Sport
Bubble Beam
Dewpider ♂
Level 19
Ability Water Bubble
Held Item None
Moves Infestation
Spider Web
Bug Bite
Bubble Beam

Defeat Dakota to earn P456. Continue surfing to the northeast to find a mini island. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access it from the south. Surf along the ocean to the north until you reach another beach to the northwest. Another Zygarde Cell will be along the shore. This beach area will have Pokemon scurrying from one den to another. Intercept these dust clouds to start a battle with wild Diglett.

Continue along the shore to the north up onto a small cliff. A Max Repel can be found here. Jump back onto Lapras and surf into the ocean to the east. Another Trainer can be found swimming around.

Swimmer Tiare

Alomomola ♀
Level 19
Ability Healer
Held Item None
Moves Aqua Ring
Aqua Jet
Double Slap
Heal Pulse

Defeat Tiare to receive P456. Surf east and look below the surface of the water to find a slightly hidden Antidote. This item will be near another swimming Trainer.

Swimmer Casey

Mareanie ♂
Level 19
Ability Merciless
Held Item None
Moves Peck
Toxic Spikes
Wide Guard

Defeat Casey to receive P456. Surf south to finally reach the mini island. Another Trainer will be near the north end of this island.

Swimmer Vanessa

Shellder ♀
Level 18
Ability Skill Link
Held Item None
Moves Withdraw
Icicle Spear
Corsola ♀
Level 19
Ability Hustle
Held Item None
Moves Recover
Bubble Beam
Ancient Power

Defeat Vanessa to earn P456. To the south is a small pond to fish at, and to the left of the pond is TM73 Thunder Wave. You can jump over the ledge to the southwest to quickly return to the mainland of Route 7. Now that the route has been completely explored, head to Wela Volcano Park to start the next trial.