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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Paniola Ranch Return

The Sudowoodo blocking the path to the south will run away the second you interact with them. The boy to the right will give you a Mystic Water as a reward. Give this item to a Pokemon to increase the power of their water-type attacks. Continue south to Route 6.

Route 6

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Eevee Grass Walking Any Any
Espeon Eevee SOS Walking Day Any
Umbreon Eevee SOS Walking Night Any
Grubbin Grass Walking Any Any
Igglybuff Grass Walking Day Any
Jigglypuff Igglybuff SOS Walking Any Any
Happiny Igglybuff SOS Walking Any Any
Lillipup Grass Walking Any Any
Mudbray Grass Walking Any Any
Oricorio South Grass Walking Any Any
Pikipek Grass Walking Any Any
Rattata Grass Walking Night Any
Yungoos Grass Walking Day Any

Route 6 is a straight shot south. On the west side of the street is a Super Potion. A Pokemon Trainer is along the east side.

Youngster Anthony

Magby ♂
Level 15
Ability Flame Body
Held Item None
Moves Ember
Feint Attack
Fire Spin
Yungoos ♂
Level 16
Ability Strong Jaw
Held Item None
Moves Pursuit
Sand Attack
Odor Sleuth

Defeat Anthony to receive P320. Continue south until you reach another Trainer in the tall grass to the west.

Pokemon Breeder William

Sudowoodo ♂
Level 17
Ability Sturdy
Held Item None
Moves Flail
Low Kick
Rock Throw

Defeat William to receive P680. West of the Trainer is a secret path to Paniola Town, but you won’t be able to access the main street. Instead, you can find and pick up TM88 Sleep Talk behind some buildings.

Return to Route 8 and go south to meet up with Team Skull and a girl named Hapu. They’ll challenge you to a battle.

Team Skull Grunt

Drowzee ♂
Level 17
Ability Insomnia
Held Item None
Moves Disable
Poison Gas

Defeat the Grunt to receive P544. After the battle, you can head east to Royal Avenue. Or you can continue south along the same route. Another trainer is further south.

Beauty Brittney

Cubone ♀
Level 17
Ability Lightning Rod
Held Item None
Moves Bone Club
Focus Energy

Defeat Brittney to earn P544. On the west side of the route is a big boulder. Use Tauros to smash through and find a Rare Candy. Return to the main path to find another Pokemon Trainer.

Dancer Maika

Oricorio ♀
Level 17
Ability Dancer
Held Item None
Moves Peck
Helping Hand
Air Cutter
Baton Pass

Defeat Maika to earn P680. The route to the south connects to Heahea City.