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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Paniola Ranch

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Lillipup Grass Walking Any Any
Mudbray Grass Walking Any Any
Miltank Grass Walking Any Any
Tauros Grass Walking Any Any

Walk north until you reach an elderly woman. She is actually a Pokemon Trainer who will challenge you to a battle.

Madame Elizabeth

Level 15
Ability Clear Body
Held Item None
Moves Harden
Rock Throw
Smack Down

Elizabeth may use a Full Restore if Carbink’s health gets low without it fainting. Be prepared for a long battle if you’re not strong enough to knock it out quickly. Defeat her to receive P3,000.

Walk to the end of the path to meet up with Captain Mallow. She will register Stoutland to your Ride Pager. Before leaving the ranch, speak to the Tauros in the northwest corner. The rancher will ask you to battle the Tauros to calm him down.

Pokemon Breeder Wesley

Tauros ♂
Level 15
Ability Anger Point
Held Item None
Moves Rage
Horn Attack
Scary Face

Defeat Wesley to receive P600 and a Scope Lens. The Scope lens will increase the chance for landing critical hits when held by a Pokemon. Exit out of the ranch area and walk east to a patch of tall grass. Just passed the patch of grass is another Zygarde Cell. Southwest of the tall grass is another Pokemon Trainer.

Pokemon Breeder Glenn

Mudbray ♂
Level 15
Ability Own Tempo
Held Item None
Moves Mud Sport
Double Kick

Defeat Glenn to receive P600. To the west of the Trainer is an Ether at the corner of the fencing. Continue along the path to the east to discover the Pokemon Nursery.

The Pokemon Nursery is a bit different in Sun and Moon. Leave two compatible Pokemon at the nursery to breed and create eggs. They will not increase in levels or learn any more moves, but the base cost for watching a Pokemon is P500. See the Breeding page for more info.

Speak to the woman on the left side of the room to obtain TM10 Hidden Power. She will also tell you which type Hidden Power will be by showing her any of your Pokemon.

Lastly, speak to the woman behind the counter to receive a Pokemon Egg as a gift! This egg will eventually hatch into an Eevee. It’s not that special since Eevee can be found in the wild nearby.

Exit out of the nursery and investigate the area across the road through the broken fence. A hidden Oval Stone can be found here. Go around the fence to the south to find another Pokemon Trainer.

Pokemon Breeder Amanda

Lillipup ♀
Level 14
Ability Vital Spirit
Held Item None
Moves Odor Sleuth
Baby-Doll Eyes
Helping Hand
Growlithe ♂
Level 15
Ability Intimidate
Held Item None
Moves Ember
Odor Sleuth
Helping Hand

Defeat Amanda to receive P600. Follow the path through the tall grass behind Amanda to find a Heal Ball. The path to the south will be blocked by Sudowoodo, which means you have to head back up north. Look behind the red truck to find an Amulet Coin. This can be used to double the money you receive in battle, but the Pokemon holding the coin must enter battle! The man walking back and forth to the north is another Pokemon Trainer.

Gentleman Gerald

Sableye ♂
Level 15
Ability Stall
Held Item None
Moves Night Shade
Fury Swipes

Defeat Gerald to receive P3,000. Continue north to Route 5. The first trial of the island is in the area beyond that.