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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Paniola Town

As you walk into town, Hau will come out and challenge you to a battle. Don’t worry, he’ll be kind enough to heal your team before – unlike some trainers out there (Gary Fucking Oak).

Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pikachu ♂
Level 16
Ability Static
Held Item None
Moves Electro Ball
Quick Attack
Dartrix ♂
Level 17
Ability Overgrow
Held Item Normalium z
Moves Razor Leaf
Torracat ♂
Level 17
Ability Blaze
Held Item Normalium z
Moves Fire Fang
Brionne ♂
Level 17
Ability Torrent
Held Item Normalium z
Moves Aqua Jet
Disarming Voice

As always, the starter Pokemon will vary depending on which Pokemon you chose. Defeat Hau to receive P680 and a Dire Hit. After the battle, head to the Pokemon Center to heal your team and buy a few items. The first merchant at the Poke Mart will sell the same old items, but the second merchant will sell three different types of Poke Balls.

Repeat Ball P1,000
Timer Ball P1,000
Net Ball P1,000

There’s nothing else to do in town, so head north to Paniola Ranch when you’re ready to go.