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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Route 4

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Crabrawler Berries Interaction Any Any
Eevee Grass Walking Any Any
Espeon Eevee SOS Day Any
Umbreon Eevee SOS Night Any
Grubbin Grass Walking Any Any
Igglybuff Grass Walking Day Any
Jigglypuff Igglybuff SOS Any Any
Happiny Igglybuff SOS Any Any
Lillipup Grass Walking Any Any
Mudbray Grass Walking Any Any
Pikipek Grass Walking Any Any
Rattata Grass Walking Night Any
Yungoos Grass Walking Day Any

A Great Ball can be found passed the first patch of tall grass to the east. This is also a way to go around the very first Pokemon Trainer, but it’s best to challenge every Trainer you see to earn money, experience, and add some Pokemon to your Pokedex.

Bellhop Jody

Drifloon ♂
Level 14
Ability Unburden
Held Item None
Moves Minimize
Focus Energy

Defeat Jody to earn P560. The path north will have a short dead end to the east. Investigate the rock at the dead end to find a hidden Tiny Mushroom.

Return to the main path and continue north. Across from the girl is another Zygarde Cell. To the west of the cell is a Pokemon Trainer after the patch of tall grass.

Collector Bryan

Munchlax ♂
Level 13
Ability Thick Fat
Held Item None
Moves Tackle
Defense Curl
Bagon ♂
Level 14
Ability Rock Head
Held Item None
Moves Ember
Dragon Breath

Defeat Bryan to earn P448. Behind the same Trainer is a Revive. Follow the path to the north to find another Trainer walking around a rock.

Sightseer Scotty

Rattata ♂
Level 14
Ability Run Away
Held Item None
Moves Quick Attack
Focus Energy

Defeat Scotty to receive P840. Follow the path east to a sign with tips on rearranging a Pokemon’s moves. South of this sign is a short path to an Adrenaline Orb. Continue to the east to find another Pokemon Trainer.

Cook Ernie

Cutiefly ♂
Level 14
Ability Honey Gather
Held Item None
Moves Fairy Wind
Stun Spore
Struggle Bug
Silver Wind

Defeat Ernie to earn P560. The path ends at a berry tree to the east and a short path to the south. Pick up the berries at the foot of the tree, then follow the path to the south to find an Energy Root. With Route 4 clear, head north to Paniola Town.