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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Heahea City

The first building in Heahea City is the ferry building. You can skip it and head to the second building, the Alola Tourist Bureau, where the Name Rater is located. Take your Pokemon to this man to change the nicknames of your Pokemon. Unfortunately, Pokemon accepted from trades cannot be renamed.

The third building in the city is a simple fashion shop. You can buy more clothes here. The girls in the center of the shop will tell you to take a white item of clothing to the festival plaza to dye it. Lastly, before leaving the shop, speak with the old man in the corner. He will ask you to register a Pokemon named Pyukumuku and show it to him. This species can be found while surfing on Hano Beach. Return to the man once you’ve registered Pyukumuku to receive P10,000.

The third building is the Pokemon Center. The first shop has the same basic items, but the second shop sells a number of status move Technical Machines.

TM Price
TM16 Light Screen P10,000
TM17 Protect P10,000
TM20 Safeguard P10,000
TM33 Reflect P10,000
TM70 Aurora Veil P30,000

The path east of the Pokemon Center will be blocked off for now. Head north to meet Dexio and Sina. Dexio will challenge you to a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Dexio

Slowpoke ♂
Level 15
Ability Own Tempo
Held Item None
Moves Confusion
Water Gun
Espeon ♂
Level 16
Ability Synchronize
Held Item None
Moves Confusion
Quick Attack

Dexio specializes in psychic-type Pokemon. Use bug or dark-type attacks to deal massive damage. If you caught a Grubbin earlier on, it should know Bug Bite or Bite. Alolan Grimer will also be immune to psychic-type attacks since it’s half dark-type.

Defeat Dexio to earn P2,240. He will also give you the Zygarde Cube. This item is used to collect Zygarde Cells and Cores around Alola.

Enter the large building to the northwest after the battle. This building is the Tide Song Hotel. The first Zygarde Cell can be found in the back left corner of the lobby. With that out of the way, head east to Route 4.