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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Melemele Island Side Quests

Once again, it’s best to do a few side quests on Melemele Island now that you have Tauros and the Ride Pager. Collect a few items before setting off to the second island.

Head to the west side of the southern half of Route 2. Crash through rocks using Tauros to get a Star Piece.

Next, return to the Totem Den in Verdant Cavern. Crash through the rocks on the east side and climb up the hill to find TM46 Thief.

Rturn the far east side of Route 3. Crash through the rocks near the patch of grass to find TM83 Infestation.

Finally, go to the southwest side of Route 1 to find a Nest Ball. Jump down the ledges to the east to get a Nugget.

Hau’oli City Marina

When you’re ready to move on to the next island, go to the Marina in Hau’oli City and speak with Professor Kukui. You will take a boat to Akala Island.