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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Ten Carat Hill

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Carbink Cave Walking Any Any
Diglett Cave Walking Any Any
Roggenrola Cave Walking Any Any
Zubat Cave Walking Any Any

Near the north side of the cave entrance is an X Attack. Follow the path south to a set of boulders. Use Tauros from the Ride Pager to crash through and clear the path.

A Super Potion can be found through a narrow path after the first set of rocks. Do not jump over the ledge back to the main path until you search the area passed the rocks to the southwest. An Ultra Ball can be found in a corner.

A large boulder can be found at the end of the path. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to push it at this time. Exit out of the cave to the northwest to the farthest hollow.

Ten Carrot Hill – Farthest Hollow

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Carbink Grass Walking Any Any
Machop Grass Walking Any Any
Rockruff Grass Walking Any Any
Roggenrola Grass Walking Any Any
Spinda Grass Walking Any Any

A few items can be found in this area of Ten Carrot Hill. First, grab a Hard Stone near the entrance on the left side of the path. Continue along the left side until you reach some tall grass. In the corner of the patch of grass is a Great Ball.

Pass the second patch of grass to the north to find a Nugget, and a Burn Heal can be found to the northeast.

Walk through the long patch of tall grass to the east and up the hill to the south to find TM62 Acrobatics. You can search for some Pokemon here before continuing on with your adventure.