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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Iki Town – Grand Trial

You’ll find the kahuna of Melemele Island waiting for you in Iki Town. Speak with him when you’re ready to take on the Grand Trial.

Island Kahuna Hala

Mankey ♂
Level 14
Ability Anger Point
Held Item None
Moves Karate Chop
Focus Energy
Makuhita ♂
Level 14
Ability Thick Fat
Held Item None
Moves Arm Thrust
Sand Attack
Fake Out
Crabrawler ♂
Level 15
Ability Iron Fist
Held Item Fightinium
Moves Pursuit
Power-Up Punch

Hala will use fighting-type Pokemon. Use psychic-type and flying-type attacks to deal massive damage, but be careful with using psychic-type Pokemon as Hala’s Mankey and Crabrawler can use Pursuit: a dark-type attack that can not only deal a lot of damage to psychic-type Pokemon, but it can also attack a Pokemon trying to switch out of battle. Additionally, Crabrawler has a fighting-type Z-crystal that will power up his fighting-type attack to an even stronger fighting-type attack!

Defeat Hala to earn P2,400 and the Fightinium Z-Crystal. Now that you have cleared the Grand Trial of Melemele Island, all Pokemon up to Level 35 will obey you.

Hala will also give you a Ride Pager. Press the Y Button to page Tauros to your location. You’ll now be able to smash through rocks around Alola! Professor Kukui will also give you TM54 False Swipe. This move will come in handy when catching tough Pokemon.

Return home and tell your mother about the next step in your adventure. You may want to explore Melemele Island again now that you have Tauros. Pick up a few items behind boulders. If you’d rather do that later, return to Hau’oli City Marina to take a boat to the next island.

The first thing you can do with the new Pokemon Ride ability is visit Ten Carat Hill on the southern part of Route 1. This is near the Pokemon Research Lab, which is south of your house.