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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Route 3 – Continued

Cross the rope bridge and pass the route Trainer. This Trainer will challenge you once you defeat all the other Trainers on the route. The next Trainer on the route is across the bridge.

Rising Star Joshua

Growlithe ♂
Level 13
Ability Flash Fire
Held Item None
Moves Ember

Defeat Joshua to earn P624. A Super Potion can be found a few steps below the Trainer. With Joshua defeated, you can return to the route Trainer across the bridge and challenge him to a battle.

Ace Trainer Makana

Rockruff ♂
Level 13
Ability Vital Spirit
Held Item Red Card
Moves Stealth Rock
Slowpoke ♂
Level 14
Ability Own Tempo
Held Item Red Card
Moves Yawn
Water Gun

This Trainer uses an interesting strategy with the Red Card item. He will use Stealth Rock to make any Pokemon injured when they switch into battle, and the Red Card item forces a Pokemon to switch out after they attack. Thankfully the Red Card item only works once before breaking, but both of his Pokemon hold the Red Card item. Be prepared to deal with the rock-type Stealth Rock attack. Defeat Makana to earn P952 and a Red Card.

Follow the path further south to reach another patch of tall grass. Near the grass is another berry tree and Nest Ball. The path ends a short distance to the south and takes you back to Route 1. Follow the route to Iki Town to continue the story.