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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Melemele Meadow

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Butterfree Flowers Walking Any Any
Caterpie Flowers Walking Any Any
Cottonee Flowers Walking Any Any
Cutiefly Flowers Walking Any Any
Metapod Flowers Walking Any Any
Oricorio Flowers Walking Any Any

Nebby ran away from Lillie once again. You’ll have to find and rescue it to continue forward through the island challenge. Before going into the flowers, walk around to the south side to find a Great Ball.

The flowers here will act the same as tall grass, meaning wild Pokemon will jump out at you. Walk into the yellow flowers to the west to find a sparkling spot. Interact with this spot to obtain a Yellow Nectar.

At the southwest part of the meadow is a small hole. Interact with this hole to find a secret area called Seaward Cave. There are some different Pokemon here and a handful of items. Cave section listed on the next page. When you’re done with the cave, return to the meadow. You can also choose to skip that area entirely.

Walk up the dirt path nearby. A Net Ball can be picked up before going north. Follow the winding path until you reach Nebby. Near Nebby is another Yellow Nectar in the flowers and a Poison Barb. Give the Poison Barb to a Pokemon to increase the power of their poison-type attacks.

Interact with Nebby to return to the entrance of Melemele Meadows. Lillie will heal your team and exit out back to Route 3. Hau will come by and challenge you to another Pokemon battle.

Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pikachu ♂
Level 13
Ability Static
Held Item None
Moves Growl
Play Nice
Quick Attack
Electro Ball
Rowlet ♂
Level 14
Ability Overgrow
Held Item None
Moves Leafage
Litten ♂
Level 14
Ability Blaze
Held Item None
Moves Ember
Popplio ♂
Level 14
Ability Torrent
Held Item None
Moves Water Gun
Disarming Voice
Baby-Doll Eyes

Pikachu can be a tough opponent versus flying- and water-type Pokemon. Its speed and Electro Ball combo can put a hurting on your team. As always, his starter Pokemon will vary depending on which Pokemon you chose to being your adventure.

Defeat Hau to receive P280. You can now travel south across the bridge on Route 3 back to Iki Town.