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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Route 3

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Crabrawler Berries Interact Any Any
Rufflet Air Walking Any Any
Spearow Air Walking Any Any
Cutiefly Grass Walking Any Any
Spearow Grass Walking Any Any
Mankey Grass Walking Any Any
Rattata Grass Walking Night Any
Yungoos Grass Walking Day Any
Delibird E Grass Walking Any Any

The route is divided into three paths, and will have flying Pokemon overhead. If you run into any of their shadows, a battle will begin with a wild Pokemon. The northern-most path will contain two Pokemon Trainers.

Rising Star Ian

Psyduck ♂
Level 13
Ability Damp
Held Item None
Moves Water Gun

Defeat Ian to earn P624. A short distance northeast is a patch of grass with a Heal Bell to the right of this area. Go further east along the route to find another Pokemon Trainer.

Rising Star Tatiana

Petilil ♀
Level 13
Ability Own Tempo
Held Item None
Moves Mega Drain

Defeat Tatiana to earn P624. Go back around the southern-most path to find a Sharp Beak midway through. Give this to a Pokemon to increase the power of their flying-type moves.

Follow the route to the far east – passed the tunnel – until you reach a patch of tall grass. Next to the grass is a man who will give you a Soothe Bell. Give this item to a Pokemon to increase their happiness level. Some Pokemon need a high friendship level to evolve. Return to the tunnel in the west before going on. This will take you to Melemele Meadow.