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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Verdant Cave – Trial Site

Captain Ilima will tell you about the island trial. To clear the trial, you must defeat three Pokemon in their dens, and then defeat a strong Totem Pokemon at the back of the cavern. Wild Pokemon cannot be captured until the trial is completed.

The first den is directly across from the entrance. Interact with the den to begin a battle with a level 11 Yungoos.

After defeating the Yungoos, walk to the southeast to find a Super Potion. Walk to the north to find another Yungoos in its den. These Pokemon are pretty simplistic, as they’re just like wild Yungoos.

Walk across the bridge to the west, then go south to find TM31 Brick Break. This attack will be very useful for the upcoming Totem Pokemon. Teach it to any eligible Pokemon.

Go back north and carefully walk across the second bridge to the northeast. Crawl through the small tunnel further north to find a Super Potion. Jump down the ledge to the west and investigate the den. You should see a small dust cloud whip up in the den above.

Head up the ramp to the second den and investigate the hole. Another dust cloud will whip up in the den to the west.

Travel to the final den to the west next to an X Defense. Investigate the hole and cross over the bridge yet again. Team Skull will come out of no where and challenge you to a battle.

Team Skull Grunt

Drowzee ♂
Level 11
Ability Insomnia
Held Item None
Moves Pound

If you’ve been using Machop, you may want to switch out to something else for this battle since he’s weak to Psychic-types. Defeat Drowzee to earn P352.

After the battle, Team Skull will try to capture the Yungoos from the trial. Investigate the den to the northeast to find a wild female Gumshoos at level 11. Use your Machop or any Pokemon with the Brick Break attack to take out Gumshoos with ease. Defeating Gumshoos will allow you to travel into the Totem’s Den. Speak with the man blocking the passage to the north to go on.

Verdant Cave – Totem’s Den

Walk up to the shining item at the end of the path. This is a Z-Crystal. Try to remove it from the pedestal. A very strong “Totem” Pokemon will appear and attack.

Totem Gumshoos ♂
Level 12
Ability Stakeout or Strong Jaw
Held Item None
Moves Scary Face
Super Fang

Totem Gumshoos will be much bigger and stronger than a normal Gumshoos. Its defense will automatically increase by one at the beginning of battle. Throughout the battle it will call out for ally Yungoos to aid it in battle, but only two Pokemon will be present on the other side at once. Your best chance is to use the Machop from the previous Pokemon Center to deal massive damage with its fighting-type attacks. Focus on and defeat Gumshoos to clear the trial and obtain Normalium Z.

Captain Ilima will give you 10 Great Balls and allow you to catch any Pokemon in Verdant Cavern.

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Zubat Cave Walking Any Any
Diglett Cave Walking Any Any
Yungoos Cave Dust Cloud Day Any
Rattata Cave Dust Cloud Night Any

Exit out of the cave to find Captain Ilima. He will open up a barrier to the north, allowing you to travel to Route 3. Professor Hala will then come around and teach you all about Z-Moves and Z-Crystals.