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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Hau’oli City – Beachfront

After the greeting lesson, walk along the street to the north until you see a woman near some buildings. Speak with this woman to receive a Potion.

Walk down the ramps to the beachfront. All the way to the south near the last ramp is a Poke Ball in the corner.

That’s all there is to do at the beachfront area. Go north until you reach the next area of the city.

Hau’oli City – Shopping District

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Abra Grass Walking Any Any
Grimer Grass Walking Any Any
Magnemite Grass Walking Any Any
Pichu Grass Walking Any Any
Wingull Grass Walking Any Any
Yungoos Grass Walking Day Any
Rattata Grass Walking Night Any
Meowth Grass Walking Night Any

Hau will stop you in the middle of the street and drag you into the Tourist Bureau nearby. There you will receive the Poke Finder. Leave the building to get a short tutorial on how to use this Key Item.

After you’re done toying around with the Poke Finder, walk forward and go through the gate on the left side of the road. A small patch of tall grass can be found here with wild Pokemon. If you can catch and register 10 different species of Pokemon in your Pokedex, return to the Tourist Bureau and speak to the scientist in the corner. He will give you 10 Ultra Balls.

Continue down the street until Lillie stops you – it will be on the west side of town if looking at the Rotom Pokedex map. She will give you a Lens Case to hold different colored lenses from the apparel shop. Speak with the old woman in front of the same shop to receive a Silk Scarf. This boosts the power of normal-type attacks if a Pokemon is holding it. To the left of the apparel shop is a beauty salon. Pay 4,000 to chance the style of your hair. Going to these two buildings can drastically change the appearance of your Trainer.

Further down the street is a Pokemon Center. Speak to the man outside the building to obtain a Heal Ball. Inside is the move deleter. This character will delete any move your Pokemon might know. Some moves from past games, such as HMs, can only be deleted by the move deleter. The Poke Mart at this Pokemon Center carries a number of battle items. These items were boosted in Pokemon Sun and Moon, as were the prices.

Across the street from the Pokemon Center is another patch of grass through a red gate. Follow the path to find a Revive sitting next to a tree.

Follow the map on the Pokedex to the west. A small marker will be at the end of the street. When you reach it, listen to the two people talk about Team Skull. Afterword, go around the bushes and grab the Ether.

The building at the southwest corner of the map is Ilima’s home. Speak with the person in the kitchen to receive a Lumiose Galette. This item heals all status conditions of a Pokemon.

Follow the street to the east to reach the City Hall building. Speak with the person sitting on the bench near the counter to obtain a Revive. You can also go through the red gate on the right side of the building to find a Tiny Mushroom.

Hau will stop you near the Malasada Shop. For P200, you can buy Malasada to increase the affection of one of your Pokemon. For P350, you can buy a Big Malasada to take with you on your adventure. The Big Malasada will cure all status conditions of a Pokemon.

South of the Malasada Shop is another patch of tall grass through a red gate. At the end of the path is TM49 – Echoed Voice. Return to the main street and walk south until you reach the marina.

Hau’oli City – Marina

Walk to the bottom right corner of the map to find a Super Potion.

Speak to Captain Ilima at the end of the dock. Doing so will bring out Team Skull. They’ll challenge you to a battle.

Team Skull Grunt

Zubat ♂
Level 8
Ability Inner Focus
Held Item None
Moves Astonish

The battle is incredibly simple. Take out his Zubat and receive P256 for winning. After the battle, Captain Ilima will heal your team and challenge you to a battle himself.

Captain Ilima

Yungoos ♂
Level 9
Ability Stakeout
Held Item None
Moves Tackle
Smeargle ♂
Level 10
Ability Own Tempo or Technician
Held Item None
Moves Tackle
Water Gun
Or Ember
Or Leafage

This will be the first actual tough battle of the game, though it won’t be incredibly hard. Use your strongest Pokemon against Yungoos and take it out without switching. If you switch, Yungoos can do more damage with Pursuit and its Stakeout ability. Smeargle is Ilima’s next Pokemon. It will have one normal attack and one elemental attack that is strong against your starter Pokemon. Try to use Pokemon that aren’t weak to that element to eliminate it before it does too much damage. Defeat Ilima to receive P1,200.

Before leaving, speak to the couple nearby to receive an X Defense and X Attack.

Return to the previous area and go west of the Pokemon Center. You’ll find Lillie and Hala waiting for you. Go north to Route 2.