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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

The Trainers’ School

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Grimer Grass Walk Any Any
Magnemite Grass Walk Any Any
Meowth Grass Walk Any Any

Walk in to find Professor Kukui and obtain the Exp. Share. While the Exp. Share is turned on, all experience points and effort points earned in battle will be spread evenly throughout your party. It will be turned on instantly after receiving it. Go to the Key Items pocket in your bag to turn it off if you want.

The next objective is to find and battle four Pokemon Trainers at the school. If your team gets too weak, return to Lillie to heal them.

Walk up to the school and take a right before going in the door. You can find a Potion near a tree. Walk to the back right side of the school to find one of the Pokemon Trainers.

Youth Athlete Hiromi

Pikipek ♀
Level 8
Ability Keen Eye or Skill Link
Held Item None
Moves Peck
Echoed Voice

Defeat the Trainer to earn P224. Another Trainer can be found on the Pokemon battle field to the left, but he won’t battle until the others two Trainers somewhere in the school are defeated. Walk further west to find another Potion.

Head north and go through the gate to the west. Another Pokemon Trainer will be waiting on the other side.

Youngster Joey

Metapod ♂
Level 7
Ability Shed Skin
Held Item None
Moves Tackle

Defeat the trainer to earn P140. Walk through the tall grass to the south to find an Antidote near the end of the path. Further south is a Paralyze Heal. Next, head inside the school to find a kid trainer in the corner near the staircase.

Preschooler Mia

Bonsly ♀
Level 7
Ability Sturdy or Rock Head
Held Item None
Moves Copycat
Fake Tears

Defeat the Trainer to earn P84. Walk to the play area to the left of the staircase. Speak with the older woman to receive a Quick Claw. Allow a Pokemon to hold this item for a chance to attack first in battle.

If you’re new to Pokemon, you can read more about the meta game in each classroom. Head to the second classroom on the second floor and speak to one of the children to obtain a Potion.

With the first three Trainers defeated, head back outside to the Pokemon battle field. Speak to the boy to battle the last Trainer.

Rising Star Joseph

Grimer ♂
Level 8
Ability Gluttony
Held Item None
Moves Pound
Poison Gas

Defeat the Trainer to earn P384 and TM01 Work Up. Now that all the students have been defeated, a teacher will call you up to the second floor of the school. Speak to the teacher near the stairs on the second floor to battle her.

Teacher Emily

Level 8
Ability Magnet Pull
Held Item None
Moves Thunder Shock
Meowth ♀
Level 9
Ability Pickup or Technician
Held Item None
Moves Scratch

Defeat the teacher to earn P432 and 5 Great Balls. The story will automatically continue at the conclusion of the battle. Lillie and Hau will ask to show you around the city. Follow them to the northwest.