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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Route 1 Hau’oli Outskirts

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Area Action Time Version
Wingull Grass Walk Any Any
Slowpoke Grass Walk Any Any
Yungoos Grass Walk Day Any
Rattata Grass Walk Night Any

The next day Lillie will come to your house. Your mother will give you quite a bit of money to start your adventure.

Head south to the next route. Lillie will tell you more about tall grass and wild Pokemon. You can jump the ledge to the south or walk east to find a Pokemon Trainer.

Youngster Kevin

Grubbin ♂
Level 6
Ability Swarm
Held Item None
Moves Vice Grip
String Shot

Defeat the Trainer to earn P120. Further east is an Awakening near the ocean. Continue to the south to find another trainer near a sign.

Lass Madison

Wingull ♀
Level 6
Ability Keen Eye or Hydration
Held Item None
Moves Growl
Water Gun

Defeat the Trainer to earn P144. To the south is the Pokemon Research Lab. Lillie will be waiting for you by the door. Go inside to learn more about your Pokedex and the Alola island challenge.

Return to your home and head west to find Lillie in the next town.

Hau’oli City

Lillie will introduce you to Pokemon Centers. Speak to the man at the Pokemon Center Cafe to receive 10 Poke Beans and a Rare Candy.

You may notice a few new options on the bottom screen of your game, one being Festival Plaza. This allows you to trade and battle with other Trainers near you or around the world. An internet connection is needed to trade with people far away.

Exit out of the Pokemon Center and follow the road to the southwest. Lillie will stop you at the Trainer’s School nearby.