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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

In-Game Trades

Several Pokemon can be traded within Pokemon Sun and Moon with non-playable characters (NPCs). These trainers will ask for a specific species of Pokemon and in return for one of theirs. The Pokemon you receive will always have the same nature, stats, level, hold item, etc. Since they’re traded Pokemon, they will grow faster than other Pokemon you’ve caught in the wild.

Information on all in-game trades will be posted here at a later date.


Speak with the woman on the right within the Pokemon Center on Route 2. She’ll offer you her level 9, Brave nature Machop for any Spearow.

Machop ♂
Level 9
Ability No Guard
Held Item X Attack
Moves Leer
Focus Energy
Karate Chop

The boy in the Pokemon Center on Route 5 will trade his Adamant Bounsweet for your Lilipup.

Bounsweet ♀
Level 16
Ability Leaf Guard
Held Item Bright Powder
Moves Splash
Play Nice
Rapid Spin
Razor Leaf