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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Event Pokemon

Event Pokemon are Pokemon that are only available through special means, and often for a short time frame. Most of the time they’re incredibly rare species of Pokemon, but other times it might be a common Pokemon with a rare move set or ability.


Greninja ♂ ♀
Level 36
Ability Battle Bond
Held Item None
Water Shuriken
Aerial Ace
Double Team
Night Slash

This special Greninja can be sent over to Pokemon Sun and Moon from the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon if the demo has been completed. Speak to Professor Hau in the Pokemon Center of the demo while Pokemon Sun and Moon is in your 3DS to send the Pokemon over. Start up your full version of Pokemon Sun and Moon and speak to the delivery man at any Pokemon Center to receive Ash-Greninja.

The special ability Battle Bond will transform Greninja to Ash-Greninja after defeating an opposing Pokemon. This will increase the power of Water Shuriken.



Level 50
Ability Soul-Heart: Magearna's Special Attack increases one stage after a teammate faints in battle. Might only be useful in double and triple battles.
Move Set
Fleur Cannon
Flash Cannon
Lucky Chant
Helping Hand

Magearna is a very rare Legendary Pokemon that can be found in Sun and Moon after completing the main story. Open the QR scanner and scan the following QR code while pressing the R button.

Head to the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to find a deliveryman. Speak with him to receive the mythical Pokemon Magearna!