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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Held Type Boosting Items

Type-Enhancing Items are items that boost specific Type Attacks by 20% (1.2x). They can be held forever without losing power.

Name Location Description
Black Belt Increases Fighting-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Black Glasses Increases Dark-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Charcoal Increases Fire-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Dragon Fang Increases Dragon-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Hard Stone Increases Rock-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Magnet Increases Electric-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Metal Coat Steel-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Miracle Seed Increases Grass-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Mystic Water Increases Water-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Never-Melt Ice Increases Ice-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Odd Incense Increase the power of Psychic-type moves. Breed with Mr. Mime to get Mime Jr.
Poison Barb Increases Poison-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Rock Incense Increase the power of Rock-type moves. Breed with Sudowoodo to get Bonsly.
Rose Incense Increases the power of Grass-type moves. Breed with Roselia and Roserade to get Budew.
Sea Incense Increases the power of Water-type moves. Breed with Azumarill and Marill to get Azurill.
Sharp Beak Increases Flying-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Silk Scarf Increases Normal-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Silver Powder Increases Bug-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Soft Sand Increases Ground-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Spell Tag Increases Ghost-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Twisted Spoon Increases Psychic-type Moves by 20% (1.2x).
Wave Incense Increases the power of Water-type moves. Breed with Mantine to get Mantyke.


Along side all the other Type-Enhancing Items are special “Gems.” Unlike the other items, they don’t have very creative names. They are named after the type they boost:

      • Bug Gem
      • Dark Gem
      • Dragon Gem
      • Electric Gem
      • Fairy Gem
      • Fighting Gem
      • Fire Gem
      • Flying Gem
      • Ghost Gem
      • Grass Gem
      • Ground Gem
      • Ice Gem
      • Normal Gem
      • Poison Gem
      • Psychic Gem
      • Rock Gem
      • Steel Gem
      • Water Gem

These Gems increase the power of the first same type move by 50% (1.5x). If a Pokemon has a Fire Gem, the item will not be used until they use a fire-type attack. After boosting the attack, the item will be used and gone forever.