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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

In-Game Time

Pokemon Sun and Moon feature day and night cycles similar to the past several generations of Pokemon. However, the cycles vary between Sun version and Moon version. Sun will coincide more with a normal day, with the sun appearing between 6am and 6pm, while Moon will be set 12 hours apart. As always, the cycles are based off of the 3DS’s internal clock. Below is a table of when it will be night and day depending on the version.

Sun Moon
Day 6:00am – 5:59pm 6:00pm – 5:59am
Night 6:00pm – 5:59am 6:00am – 5:59pm

Day and night cycles play a role in wild Pokemon encounters, Pokemon moves, and even evolution! The Pokemon you encounter in the Alola region will differ between the day and night cycles, some appearing only at select times of the day, while others have changing encounter rates. Additionally, there are Pokemon that cannot evolve unless it’s a specific time of the day, such as Eevee becoming Umbreon and Gligar becoming Gliscor when it’s night. There are even moves that become stronger during the day, such as Synthesis.

Daily Events

The events that reset at midnight every day will be listed here at a late date.