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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Effort Values

Effort Values (or EVs) were once a hidden set of stats that made each Pokemon unique. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, EVs are now visible while viewing the summary of each Pokemon. Originally, these values were created to make each Pokemon unique, but in recent years it has been utilized to make Pokemon stronger in the stats they specialize in.

Unlike Individual Values, Effort Values must be earned through battle or from specific items. EVs will be added to one of a Pokemon’s six base stats to make it much stronger.

Effort Values in Detail

For Effort Values to boost a Pokemon’s stats, they must gain Effort Value points. Each stat needs four EV points to boost the actual stat by one. Example: Popplio’s special attack is currently at 30 and you want it to gain three more points. Popplio will need 12 Effort Value points to boost it the necessary three special attack stat points. That’s a basic sense of how it works, but it can get a bit more complicated.

Each Pokemon that is defeated will give one to three EV points to a particular stat. Very few Pokemon give EV points in two different stats (e.g. attack and defense) at once. Make note: battling online or at battle facilities in-game will not boost your Pokemon’s stats, just like it won’t boost their EXP.

Each time a Pokemon levels up, certain stats will increase by few extra points. HP may increase by two, attack by three, and so on. EV Training increase the amount of points a stat raises at each level, possibly a bigger increase than usual, but this isn’t all that happens. When adding Effort Values to a stat, the stat can increase before a level up occurs. Still, the Stats will not increase by EVs alone; the increases will be spread throughout all of a Pokemon’s levels. A Pokemon will get many +4s or +5s in a particular stat during each level up.

Pokemon do not gain unlimited Effort Value points to max out all of their stats. Pokemon can only gain a total of 510 Effort Value points spread throughout all six stats, and only a max of 252 EV points can make it onto a single stat.

Manage With Vitamins, Wings, and Berries

Effort Value points can easily be added with certain Pokemon medicine for $9800. The medicine and stats they increase are in the table below.

Vitamins EVs Added To
HP Up Hit Points (HP)
Protein Attack
Iron Defense
Calcium Special Attack
Zinc Special Defense
Carbos Speed

Each vitamin adds ten Effort Value points to a specific stat; however, only a max of ten vitamins can be given to a stat. This will add 100 Effort Value points. If the stat already reached the 100 EV point mark, or if your Pokemon already has 510 EV points total, you will not be able to use anymore of these items.

Not only can EV points be added on from medicine, but it’s also possible to remove EV points with special berries! These are highly useful if a particular stat that a Pokemon does not specialize in has too many Effort Value points. The berries and stats they reduce are in the table below.

Berries EVs Taken From
Pomeg Hit Points (HP)
Kelpsy Attack
Qualot Defense
Hondew Special Attack
Grepa Special Defense
Tamato Speed

The first berry used will reduce the Effort Values on a stat to 100 if it’s any range over 100. After that, each berry will lower the EVs by ten points.

Boost With Held Items

Gaining EVs in battle is a lot easier when holding special items. The Macho Brace doubles the amount of EV points Pokemon can gain from battle. However, other items can make EV training even easier. These held items will add eight additional EV points to a specific stat after winning a battle or defeating a wild Pokemon. These items and the stats they increase are listed below.

EV-Enhancing Items EVs Added To
Power Weight Hit Points (HP)
Power Bracer Attack
Power Belt Defense
Power Lens Special Attack
Power Band Special Defense
Power Anklet Speed

If a Pokemon holding a Power Weight defeats a Pokemon that would grant three Effort Value points to the HP stat, they will gain a total of 11 HP Effort Value points at the end of the battle. If that same Pokemon with the Power Weight defeats a Pokemon that would grant three Effort Value points for attack, they would gain three Effort Value points in attack and eight Effort Value points in HP. Unfortunately, you will not gain eight extra EV points per Pokemon you defeat, but only eight extra EV points per battle.

Sharing EVs in Battle

Use the key item Exp Share to help speed up the EV training process. Not only does this item share experience points among the party, but it will also spread Effort Value points too. If Exp Share is turned on, and a Pokemon battles and defeats an opponent that grants one speed EV point, then all Pokemon in the party will receive one speed EV point.

A similar EV Sharing effect will happen without Exp. Share if you switch a Pokemon out of battle. Both Pokemon that entered battle will earn the same amount of EV and Exp points from the defeated Pokemon.


Pokerus is a very useful and very rare virus in the Pokemon world. It’s rare to get it in the wild, but it’s easy to come by now that online trading is so accessible. This virus will allow Pokemon to gain Effort Values twice as fast as usual. It’s the same thing as using a Macho Brace, except the Pokemon doesn’t have to hold an item and their speed will not be cut in half.

Pokerus can be caught by battling a wild Pokemon that has the infection. The virus is about as rare as a Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Once a Pokemon catches it, the word Pokerus will be shown in the Pokemon’s summary menu. The nurse at the Pokemon Center will even inform you about the virus the first time you obtain it.

In order to spread the virus, keep the infected Pokemon in your party around non-infected Pokemon and participate in a few battles. After awhile, at least one new Pokemon should catch Pokerus. Try switching around the party to make sure it spreads quickly.

After one to four days (at midnight based on the 3DS clock), Pokerus will no longer be contagious, but your Pokemon will forever have it in their system. It may not say Pokerus at their stat screen, but it will show a small purple 🙁 in the Pokemon’s summary menu. To make sure you keep Pokerus for a long time to infect future Pokemon, keep an infected Pokemon in the Pokemon Storage System. While in the PC, it will remain contagious until it is taken out for one to four days.