Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Looking for the best Pokemon Sun and Moon walkthrough on the net? Well, it’s currently under construction! Check back frequently for the latest updates. Updated on March 31st.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the latest adventures in the Pokemon series, released on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS worldwide on November 18th, 2016. These games are part of the seventh generation of Pokemon, and are set in the all new Alola Region. It is mostly a tropical region based off of Hawaii, and is separated into four islands.

This walkthrough is still being worked on. Please be patient while I write it.

A few bits of information before starting. Save as often as you can. To soft reset (reset the game without restarting the entire 3DS), press L + R + START or L + R + SELECT. To start a new game, you will have to press UP + B + X at the title screen to delete your save file.

Table of Contents