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Victory Road

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Type Candy Area LGP LGE
Zubat Poison/Flying Quick Land X X
Golbat Poison/Flying Quick Land X X
Geodude Rock/Ground Tough Land X X
Graveler Rock/Ground Tough Land X X
Onix Rock/Ground Tough Land X X
Machop Fighting Mighty Land X X
Machoke Fighting Mighty Land X X
Rhyhorn Ground/Rock Tough Land X X
Rhydon Ground/Rock Mighty Land X X
Chansey Normal Health Land X X
Hitmonchan Fighting Courage Land X X
Hitmonlee Fighting Mighty Land X X

Victory Road is a three level dungeon between Route 23 and the Indigo Plateau. It is filled with strong Pokemon and tough Trainers. Use this guide to get all items and discover a legendary bird Pokemon.

First Floor

The path straight ahead will be blocked off by a large stone gate. To lower the wall, you will need to use the secret technique Strong Push to shove a stone block onto a switch on the ground. That is how you lower all the gates throughout this dungeon. The first stone block can be found to the east. Push it on the nearby switch to the right.

Now you can walk to the north side of the first floor. A strong Pokemon Trainer will be waiting up ahead. It’s possible to walk around her, but it’s best to challenge everyone to build your team’s strength.

Ace Trainer Naomi

Kangaskhan ♀
Normal Lv.47
Sucker Punch Outrage
Dark Physical Dragon Physical
Crunch Dizzy Punch
Dark Physical Normal Physical
Venusaur ♀
Grass/Poison Lv.48
Solar Beam Sludge Bomb
Grass Special Poison Special

Defeat Naomi to receive P4,800 and 5 Ultra Balls. A Coach Trainer can be challenged to the east. She will use a Ditto, which transforms into whichever Pokemon is battling it. Choose carefully!

Coach Trainer Alemana

Normal Lv.49
Normal Status - -

Defeat Alemana to receive P4,900 and 10 Candies for your partner Pokemon. Follow the path to the far north side of the cave. Two items are on the other side of a big block. Unfortunately you can only push the block one way to get one item at a time. After getting one of the items, you can exit and re-enter Victory Road to reset the blocks. The two items at the northeast side of the first floor are a Leaf Stone (left) and TM56 Stealth Rock (top).

After grabbing the items, head to the northwest side of the floor. Another Pokemon Trainer will be waiting for you just before the ladder.

Ace Trainer Rolando

Rapidash ♂
Fire Lv.47
Flare Blitz Take Down
Fire Physical Normal Physical
Water/Psychic Lv.47
Surf Psychic
Fire Physical Normal Physical
Dazzling Gleam
Fairy Special - -
Victreebel ♂
Grass/Poison Lv.48
Poison Jab Sucker Punch
Poison Physical Dark Physical
Power Whip
Grass Physical - -

Defeat Rolando to receive P4,800 and 5 Ultra Balls. Next to the Trainer are another 3 Ultra Balls. Take the ladder up to the next floor.

Second Floor

Once you enter this floor, walk to the south and push the big block onto the nearby button. All you have to do is push the block left, down, and left. This button will lower the gate blocking the path ahead. Go there now and challenge the Trainer standing in the way.

Juggler Nelson

Hypno ♂
Psychic Lv.46
Hypnosis Dream Eater
Psychic Status Psychic Special
Psychic Headbutt
Psychic Special Normal Physical
Slowbro ♂
Water/Psychic Lv.46
Psychic Surf
Psychic Special Water Special

Defeat Nelson to receive P1,840 and 3 Poke Balls. A few steps east is a fighter Trainer.

Black Belt Daisuke

Hitmonlee ♂
Fighting Lv.47
Feint High Jump Kick
Normal Physical Fighting Physical
Mega Kick
Normal Physical - -
Poliwrath ♂
Water/Fighting Lv.47
Waterfall Brick Break
Water Physical Fighting Physical
Body Slam
Normal Physical - -

Defeat Daisuke to receive P1,316 and 3 Poke Balls. After the battle, walk south and into a small corner to the west. TM45 Solar Beam can be grabbed here, which is the strongest grass-type attack in the game. The only downside is that it will take two turns to attack.

Follow the path to the northeastern side of the floor. A Trainer can be found standing next to a Full Restore.

Tamer Vincent

Primeape ♂
Fighting Lv.47
Low Kick Seismic Toss
Fighting Physical Fighting Physical
U-turn Screech
Bug Physical Normal Status
Tauros ♂
Normal Lv.47
Take Down Focus Energy
Normal Physical Normal Status
Thrash Double-Edge
Normal Physical Normal Physical

Defeat Vincent to receive P2,820 and 3 Poke Balls. Pick up the item if you haven’t yet. Continue to the northeast corner to battle one more Trainer on the second floor.

Juggler Gregory

Mr. Mime ♂
Psychic/Fairy Lv.46
mr. mime
Take Down Focus Energy
Normal Physical Normal Status
Thrash Double-Edge
Normal Physical Normal Physical
Alakazam ♂
Psychic Lv.46
Psychic Shadow Ball
Psychic Special Ghost Special

Defeat Gregory to receive P1,840 and 3 Poke Balls. After the battle, grab TM49 Superpower in the corner. This is a very powerful fighting-type attack, but it will lower the user’s attack and defense stats one stage each time it is used. Back track a short distance to the southwest and take the ladder up to the third floor.

Third Floor

Upon reaching the third floor, walk to the east and challenge the Pokemon Trainer hiding in the corner.

Ace Trainer George

Scyther ♂
Bug/Flying Lv.48
Slash X-Scissor
Normal Physical Bug Physical
Brick Break
Fighting Physical - -
Marowak ♂
Ground Lv.47
Bonemerang Double-Edge
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Iron Tail
Steel Physical - -

Defeat George to receive P4,700 and 5 Ultra Balls. Grab the Max Revive in the corner behind the column.

Walk to the northwest corner of this floor to find Officer Jenny. She will restore your party for free as many times as you need. All you need to do is talk with her.

To the south is TM51 Blizzard, the strongest ice-type attack in the game. Now, before continuing back to the main path, take a small detour back down to the second floor. Use the ladder to the west down to a new area.

Second Floor Return – Moltres

You should now be on the northwest corner of the second floor. Walk to the east and pick up the PP Max.

The legendary Pokemon Moltres can be found right up ahead! It is the third legendary bird in Kanto. Make sure to save your game before interacting with it. When you’re ready, go ahead and challenge Moltres.

Fire/Flying Lv.50
Air Slash Flamethrower
Flying Special Fire Special
Agility Heat Wave
Psychic Status Fire Special

Before you get the chance to capture Moltres, you must fight and defeat the Pokemon within the five minute time limit. Use either water-, electric-, or rock-type attacks to deal massive damage and defeat it quickly. Once you get the chance to capture it, Moltres will create a fire storm that burns any berries you throw. Wait for the embers to subside or throw a Poke Ball instead.

If you fail to defeat it in battle, fail at capturing it, or don’t like the stats and nature, reset your game and try again. Return to the third floor when you’re ready to continue on.

Third Floor Return

There is a small boulder puzzle at the northwest corner of the third floor. You must push the big block up, left, left, down, left, left, left, left, down, down, down, and right. This will set the block on the switch that opens the gate to the south.

Climb up the small hill that separates the northern and southern halves of the third floor. A Pokemon Trainer can be challenged near the start.

Ace Trainer Alexa

Dragonair ♂
Dragon Lv.47
Dragon Pulse Surf
Dragon Special Water Special
Wigglytuff ♀
Normal/Fairy Lv.47
Dazzling Gleam Shadow Ball
Fairy Special Ghost Special
Psychic Special - -
Hitmonchan ♂
Fighting Lv.48
Feint Thunder Punch
Normal Physical Electric Physical
Ice Punch Fire Punch
Ice Physical Fire Physical

Defeat Alexa to receive P4,800 and 5 Ultra Balls. Grab the Max Potion to the west, then follow the winding path to the south. Two Pokemon Trainers will be standing to the south of this hill.

Ace Trainer Colby

Electric Lv.47
Thunder Swift
Electric Special Normal Special
Pidgeot ♀
Normal/Flying Lv.47
Air Slash Hyper Beam
Flying Special Normal Special
Kingler ♂
Water Lv.47
Crabhammer Superpower
Water Physical Fighting Physical
Bug Physical - -
Rhydon ♂
Ground/Rock Lv.48
Earthquake Fire Punch
Ground Physical Fire Physical
Ice Punch
Ice Physical - -

Defeat Colby to receive P4,800 and 5 Ultra Balls.

Ace Trainer Caroline

Jynx ♀
Ice/Psychic Lv.47
Psychic Ice Beam
Psychic Special Ice Special
Lovely Kiss
Normal Status - -
Golbat ♀
Poison/Flying Lv.47
Air Slash Leech Life
Flying Special Bug Physical
Dark Physical - -
Arcanine ♂
Fire Lv.48
Flare Blitz Crunch
Fire Physical Dark Physical
Dragon Physical - -

Defeat Caroline to receive P4,800 and 5 Ultra Balls. A few steps to the east are 5 Golden Nanab Berries. Continue east until you reach another big block near a hole. Strong Push the block into the hole, then jump down the hole after it.

You’ll end up back on the second floor. Keep pushing the big block to the left until it falls on the button. This will open up the path to another ladder. Of course, a Pokemon Trainer will be guarding it.

Poke Maniac Dawson

Lickitung ♀
Normal Lv.46
Power Whip Slam
Grass Physical Normal Physical
Onix ♂
Rock/Ground Lv.46
Earthquake Rock Slide
Ground Physical Rock Physical
Iron Tail
Steel Physical - -
Blastoise ♂
Water Lv.46
Hydro Pump Aqua Jet
Water Special Water Physical
Flash Cannon
Steel Special - -

Defeat Dawson to receive P2,208 and 3 Poke Ball. Take the ladder on the right back up to the third floor. A Full Restore can be grabbed to the south, and a Coach Trainer can be challenged to the north.

Coach Trainer Ryan

Primeape ♂
Fighting Lv.48
Outrage Brick Break
Dragon Physical Fighting Physical
Gyarados ♂
Water/Flying Lv.48
Outrage Waterfall
Dragon Physical Water Physical
Arcanine ♀
Fire Lv.48
Outrage Flare Blitz
Dragon Physical Fire Physical
Tauros ♂
Normal Lv.49
Outrage Thrash
Dragon Physical Normal Physical

Defeat Ryan to receive P4,900 and TM39 Outrage. Take the nearby ladder to reach the exit out to The Indigo Plateau.