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nineteen − nine =

Route 13

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Type Candy Area LGP LGE
Pidgey Normal/Flying Quick Land X X
Pidgeotto Normal/Flying Quick Land X X
Farfetch'd Normal/Flying Mighty Land X X
Krabby Water Mighty Land X X
Kingler Water Mighty Land X X
Oddish Grass/Poison Smart Land X
Gloom Grass/Poison Smart Land X
Bellsprout Grass/Poison Mighty Land X
Weepinbell Grass/Poison Mighty Land X
Chansey Normal Health Land X X
Magikarp Water Quick Sea X X
Horsea Water Smart Sea X X
Seadra Water Smart Sea X X
Tentacool Water/Poison Courage Sea X X
Tentacruel Water/Poison Courage Sea X X

Route 13 is a continuation of the sea routes on the southeastern side of Kanto. It connects Route 12 in the northeast with Route 14 in the southwest. From the east side of the route there are two Trainers.

Camper Nash

Sandshrew ♂
Ground Lv.37
Earthquake Sand Attack
Ground Physical Ground Status
Slash Protect
Normal Physical Normal Status
Sandslash ♂
Ground Lv.37
Earthquake Slash
Ground Physical Normal Physical

Defeat Nash to receive P740 and 2 Great Balls.

Picnicker Susie

Jigglypuff ♀
Normal/Fairy Lv.37
Mimic Body Slam
Normal Status Normal Physical
Rest Double-Edge
Psychic Status Normal Physical
Weepinbell ♀
Grass/Poison Lv.37
Razor Leaf Poison Powder
Grass Physical Poison Status
Stun Spore Poison Jab
Grass Status Poison Physical

Defeat Susie to receive P740 and 2 Great Balls. Walk westward off the docks into the grassy region of the route. A Trainer will stop you as you walk towards the tall grass to the north.

Beauty Lola

Chansey ♀
Normal Lv.37
Minimize Take Down
Normal Status Normal Physical
Sing Egg Bomb
Normal Status Normal Physical

Defeat Lola to receive P2,220 and 3 Poke Balls. Walk around the fences to a small tree. This can be cut down with your partner Pokemon’s secret technique chop down. On the other side is the only patch of tall grass in the entire route. A Trainer will be blocking the path, however.

Ace Trainer Kite

Graveler ♀
Rock/Ground Lv.39
Sand Attack Stealth Rock
Ground Status Rock Status
Earthquake Rock Slide
Ground Physical Rock Physical
Electric/Steel Lv.39
Thunderbolt Flash Cannon
Electric Special Steel Special
Thunder Wave Light Screen
Electric Status Psychic Status
Haunter ♂
Ghost/Poison Lv.40
Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball
Fire Status Ghost Special
Dark Pulse
Dark Special - -

Defeat Kite to receive P4,000 and 5 Ultra Balls. East of the tall grass is a PP Up. The rest of the Trainers are waiting around the fences to the west.

Bug Catcher Milo

Scyther ♂
Bug/Flying Lv.36
Wing Attack Agility
Flying Physical Psychic Status
Slash Razor Wind
Normal Physical Normal Physical
Pinsir ♂
Bug Lv.36
X-Scissor Brick Break
Bug Physical Fighting Physical
Submission Swords Dance
Fighting Physical Normal Status

Defeat Milo to receive P432 and 3 Poke Balls.

Picnicker Gwen

Raticate ♀
Normal Lv.37
Super Fang Sucker Punch
Normal Physical Dark Physical
Dark Physical - -
Golduck ♂
Water Lv.37
Surf Psybeam
Water Special Psychic Special
- - - -

Defeat Gwen to receive P740 and 2 Great Balls. Search the dead end to the west to discover a hidden berry.

Follow the path all the way southwest to a dead end. Like before, search the dead end to discover some hidden berries. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reach the exit from here. Walk to the north side of the route and travel west. A few more Trainers can be battled along the way.

Bird Keeper Robert

Doduo ♂
Normal/Flying Lv.39
Agility Drill Peck
Psychic Status Flying Physical
Swords Dance Jump Kick
Normal Status Fighting Physical
Pidgeotto ♀
Normal/Flying Lv.39
Agility Air Slash
Psychic Status Flying Special
Roost Whirlwind
Flying Status Flying Status

Defeat Robert to receive P2,340 and 3 Poke Balls. Further west is a beauty Trainer.

Beauty Sheila

Eevee ♂
Normal Lv.37
Swift Take Down
Normal Special Normal Physical
Double-Edge Helping Hand
Normal Physical Normal Status
Persian ♀
Normal Lv.37
Fury Swipes Screech
Normal Physical Normal Status
Slash Nasty Plot
Normal Physical Dark Status

Defeat Sheila to receive P2,220 and 3 Poke Balls.

Camper Perry

Growlithe ♂
Fire Lv.37
Heat Wave Crunch
Fire Special Dark Physical
Outrage Play Rough
Dragon Special Fairy Physical
Nidorino ♂
Poison Lv.37
Horn Attack Helping Hand
Normal Physical Normal Status
Toxic Fury Attack
Poison Status Normal Physical

Defeat Perry to receive P740 and 2 Great Balls. A Full Heal can be grabbed behind Perry. If you follow this path west, it will lead you to Route 14. Take the path to the southwest to battle what we used to call Rockers.

Punk Guy Jared

Golbat ♂
Poison/Flying Lv.38
Leech Life Crunch
Bug Physical Dark Physical
- - - -

Defeat Jared to receive P1,064 and 3 Poke Balls. West of Jared is another Trainer.

Camper Beck

Flareon ♂
Fire Lv.37
Fire Spin Quick Attack
Fire Special Normal Physical
Double Kick
Fighting Physical - -

Defeat Beck to receive P740 and 2 Great Balls. One more Trainer can be found to the south before leaving the fenced-off Route 13.

Camper Carter

Psyduck ♂
Water Lv.37
Water Gun Psybeam
Water Special Psychic Special
Disable Screech
Normal Status Normal Status
Dugtrio ♂
Ground Lv.37
Earthquake Sucker Punch
Ground Physical Dark Physical
Normal Physical - -

Defeat Carter to receive P740 and 2 Great Balls. The path south leads down into Route 14. Although, technically Carter and Beck were both already on Route 14.