five − three =

twelve − 8 =

Route 3

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Type Candy Area LGP LGE
Spearow Normal/Flying Quick Land X X
Rattata Normal Quick Land X X
Mankey Fighting Mighty Land X
Sandshrew Ground Tough Land X
Ekans Poison Mighty Land X
Charmander Fire Quick Land X X

Route 3 is a grassy path that connects Pewter City in the west with Mt. Moon in the east, although technically part of the area before Mt. Moon is Route 4. The first part of the route is nothing but a series of Pokemon Trainers back to back.

Lass Janice

Oddish ♀
Grass/Poison Lv.6
Absorb Growth
Grass Special Grass Status

Defeat Janice to receive P120 and 3 Poke Balls. Up ahead is a Coach Trainer. These are very powerful Trainers of each route that must be challenged by speaking with them.

Coach Trainer Kareem

Bulbsaur ♂
Grass/Poison Lv.11
Tackle Growl
Normal Physical Normal Status
Vine Whip Leech Seed
Grass Physical Grass Status

Defeat Kareem to receive P1,100 and a Revive. Continue through the route to the east. Another Pokemon Trainer can be found nearby.

Youngster Calvin

Spearow ♂
Normal/Flying Lv.6
Peck Growl
Flying Physical Normal Status

Defeat Calvin to receive P120 and 3 Poke Balls. After the battle, jump the ledge to the south to find a Potion. Jump the next ledge to find 3 Poke Balls at the bottom. Return to the north side of the route after collecting the items. Follow the path east to the next Trainer.

Camper Victor

Nidoran ♂
Poison Lv.7
nidoran male
Leer Peck
Normal Status Flying Physical
Focus Energy Poison Sting
Normal Status Poison Physical

Defeat Victor to receive P140 and 2 Great Balls. After the battle you will finally reach the first patch of tall grass with wild Pokemon. Another Pokemon Trainer will also be waiting within the grass.

Picknicker Robin

Nidoran ♀
Poison Lv.7
nidoran female
Growl Scratch
Normal Status Normal Physical
Tail Whip Poison Sting
Normal Status Poison Physical

Defeat Robin to receive P140 and 2 Great Balls. Follow the path further east to find two more Pokemon Trainers before the next patch of tall grass.

Youngster Ben

Rattata ♂
Normal Lv.6
Tackle Tail Whip
Normal Physical Normal Status
Quick Attack
Normal Physical - -

Defeat Ben to receive P120 and 3 Poke Balls.

Bug Catcher Greg

Kakuna ♂
Bug Lv.5
Normal Status - -

Defeat Greg to receive P60 and 3 Poke Balls. Search the patch of tall grass to the east for a Revive. Technically this ends route 3. The route to the north is part of Route 4 without any wild Pokemon.

Route 4 – West

Route 4 – West connects route 3 to Mt. Moon. The other half of route 4 connects Mt. Moon to Cerulean City. A Coach Trainer can be found at the start of this rocky path with a new Technical Machine.

Coach Trainer

Meowth ♀
Normal Lv.13
Bite Fake Out
Dark Physical Normal Physical
Taunt Pay Day
Dark Status Normal Physical

Defeat the Coach Trainer to receive P130 and TM57 Pay Day. Further north is a Pokemon Center. Make sure you pick up the Escape Rope on the left side of the building before entering.

Inside the Pokemon Center is a man who will sell a Magikarp for P500. Normally this would be considered outrageous, but you won’t be able to catch a Magikarp until you reach Fuchsia City, and this particular Magikarp has very high stats naturally. I suggest buying this one, but save before you do so. You can always reset if you want a different nature.

That’s all there is for Routes 3 and 4. Enter Mt. Moon to continue your adventure.