Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Walkthrough

TM Case – TM List

Technical Machines (TMs) are items found throughout the Pokemon world that allow trainers to teach powerful moves to select Pokemon. There are a total of 60 TMs in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Some are obtained after defeating Coach Trainers, the Pokemon Trainers with the three dots above their heads. TMs can be used an infinite amount of times on Pokemon, so don’t be afraid of them disappearing like in the original Pokemon RGBY!

[table caption=”List of TMs” align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left|left”]
TM01|Headbutt|Normal|Physical|70|100|Pewter City Pokemon Gym.
TM57|Pay Day|Normal|Physical|40|100|Route 4 Coach Trainer.
TM16|Thunder Wave|Electric|Status|–|90|Route 25.
TM15|Seismic Toss|Fighting|Physical|–|100|Route 25 Coach Trainer.
TM29|Scald|Water|Special|80|100|Cerulean City Pokemon Gym.
TM10|Dig|Ground|Physical|80|100|Cerulean City from Rocket after obtaining the Cascade Badge.
TM36|Thunderbolt|Electric|Special|90|100|Vermilion City Pokemon Gym.
TM11|Will-O-Wisp|Fire|Status|–|85|Viridian City, southwest from sleeping man. You will need Chop Down.
TM13|Brick Break|Fighting|Physical|75|100|Route 10 Coach Trainer, north side near Rock Tunnel entrance.
TM12|Facade|Normal|Physical|70|100|Route 7 Coach Trainer.
TM44|Play Rough|Fairy|Physical|90|90|The roof of the Celadon Condominiums. You must enter through the back door.
TM17|Dragon Tail|Dragon|Physical|60|90|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 20,000.
TM18|U-turn|Bug|Physical|70|100|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 20,000
TM19|Iron Tail|Steel|Physical|100|75|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 50,000
TM25|Waterfall|Water|Physical|80|100|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 30,000
TM28|Tri Attack|Normal|Special|80|100|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 30,000
TM30|Bulk Up|Fighting|Status|–|–|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 10,000
TM43|Shadow Ball|Ghost|Special|80|100|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 30,000
TM48|Hyper Beam|Normal|Special|150|90|Celadon Department Store TM Shop for 100,000
TM03|Helping Hand|Normal|Status|–|–|Celadon Department Store 3rd Floor.
TM06|Light Screen|Psychic|Status|–|–|Celadon Department Store Roof. Give the girl a drink from the vending machine.
TM07|Protect|Normal|Status|–|–|Celadon Department Store Roof. Give the girl a drink from the vending machine.
TM09|Reflect|Psychic|Status|–|–|Celadon Department Store Roof. Give the girl a drink from the vending machine.
TM05|Rest|Psychic|Status|–|–|Team Rocket Hideout, B2F.
TM20|Dark Pulse|Dark|Special|80|100|Team Rocket Hideout, B3F.
TM53|Mega Drain|Grass|Special|75|100|Celadon City Pokemon Gym.
TM04|Teleport|Psychic|Status|–|–|Pokemon Tower 5F.
TM40|Psychic|Psychic|Special|90|100|Saffron City, house to the southeast.
TM08|Substitute|Normal|Status|–|–|Saffron City, speak to the Copycat girl in the northwest with a Clefairy in your party.
TM23|Thunder Punch|Electric|Physical|75|100|Saffron City Fighting Dojo Coach Trainer.
TM42|Self-destruct|Normal|Physical|200|100|Silph Co 2F
TM54|Flash Cannon|Steel|Special|80|100|Silph Co 5F
TM34|Dragon Pulse|Dragon|Special|85|100|Silph Co 7F
TM37|Flamethrower|Fire|Special|90|100|Silph Co 10F
TM33|Calm Mind|Psychic|Status|-|-|Saffron City Pokemon Gym
TM14|Fly|Flying|Physical|90|95|Route 16 north side in secret house.
TM58|Drill Run|Ground|Physical|80|95|Route 17 Coach Trainer
TM50|Roost|Flying|Status|–|–|Route 12
TM24|X-Scissors|Bug|Physical|80|100|Route 12 on a small island. Sea Skim required.
TM32|Dazzling Gleam|Fairy|Special|80|100|Route 12 in the small house. Speak with the man inside and call him Mr. Dazzling.
TM59|Dream Eater|Psychic|Special|100|100|Route 12 Coach Trainer
TM31|Fire Punch|Fire|Physical|75|100|Route 15 Coach Trainer
TM47|Surf|Water|Special|90|100|Route 15 northwest up ledge
TM26|Poison Jab|Poison|Physical|80|100|Celadon City, speak with the man on the other side of the moat in the middle of town. Requires Sea Skim.
TM27|Toxic|Poison|Status|–|90|Fuchsia City Pokemon Gym.
TM38|Thunder|Electric|Special|110|70|Power Plant
TM55|Ice Beam|Ice|Special|90|100|Seafoam Islands B2F
TM02|Taunt|Dark|Status|–|100|Cinnabar Lab
TM22|Rock Slide|Rock|Physical|75|90|Pokemon Mansion Coach Trainer on 2nd Floor.
TM21|Foul Play|Dark|Physical|95|100|Pokemon Mansion 3rd Floor
TM52|Sludge Bomb|Poison|Special|90|100|Pokemon Mansion Basement
TM46|Fire Blast|Fire|Special|110|85|Cinnabar Gym
TM35|Ice Punch|Ice|Physical|75|100|Route 21 Coach Trainer
TM41|Earthquake|Ground|Physical|100|100|Viridian Gym
TM56|Stealth Rock|Rock|Status|–|100|Victory Road 1F
TM45|Solar Beam|Grass|Special|200|100|Victory Road 2F
TM49|Superpower|Fighting|Physical|120|100|Victory Road 2F
TM51|Blizzard|Ice|Special|110|70|Victory Road 3F
TM39|Outrage|Dragon|Physical|120|100|Victory Road Coach Trainer on the 3F
TM60|Megahorn|Bug|Physical|120|85|Defeat the Coach Trainer guarding Cerulean Cave after becoming Pokemon League Champion.