Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Walkthrough

Master Trainers

After becoming the Pokemon League Champion of Kanto, new Master Trainers will begin to appear around the region. These are very powerful Trainers that specialize in one species of Pokemon. Challenge them to a battle using the same Pokemon without using any items (Mega Stones are an exception), or show them the Pokemon they ask for at a certain CP level to earn a new title. For example, if you defeat the Charizard Master Trainer, you will display the ‘Charizard Master’ title every time you trade, battle with a real person, or heal at the Pokemon Center. This title can be changed by speaking with one of the Game Freak staff in the Game Freak office of the Celadon Condominiums.

CP Requirements taken from Serebii.net

Defeat six Master Trainers to gain the ability to battle Pokemon Trainer Red at the Indigo Plateau. He will be waiting outside the front doors. Defeat Red to earn the title ‘Battle Master.’ Once you defeat all Master Trainers in the game, you will receive the title ‘Grand Master’ from the Game Freak office in the Celadon Condominiums.

Make sure to increase your Pokemon’s stats with candies or they won’t stand much of a chance even at a higher level than your opponent. I will list a few tips in the table below. Feel free to share more tips in the comments section!

[table align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left”]
001|Bulbsaur|Route 4|Lv 65; Moves: Sludge Bomb, Take Down, Growth.
002|Ivysaur|Route 14|Lv 70; Moves: Sludge Bomb, Double Edge, Growth.
003|Venusaur|Route 23, north near the Indigo Plateau|Lv 75; Moves: Sludge Bomb, Growth, Outrage. Venusaur will use either Outrage or Sludge Bomb to attack your defense or special defense. An option is to buff with both Light Screen and Reflect before attacking with Sludge Bomb. Outrage might cause the opponent to hurt itself in confusion.
004|Charmander|Celadon Condominiums, roof from back entrance|Lv 65; Moves: Slash, Seismic Toss, Smokescreen.
005|Charmeleon|Route 10, south|Lv 70; Moves: Outrage, Dig, Smokescreen.
006|Charizard|Route 23, north near the Indigo Plateau|Lv 75; Moves: Protect, Thunder Punch, Dragon Pulse. Charizard will use Protect as its first move to see if you will use a Mega Stone. If you evolve to Mega Charizard X, your opponent will use Dragon Pulse. If you evolve to Mega Charizard Y or don’t mega evolve at all, your opponent will use Thunder Punch. You can do nothing for the first move, then evolve to Mega Charizard X and use Rock Slide or Thunder Punch to deal massive damage while receiving little in return. A second attack should put him down before he can knock out your Charizard.
007|Squirtle|Route 12, north|Lv 65; Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Withdraw
008|Wartortle|Route 20, near Seafoam Island’s west shore|Lv 70; Moves: Headbutt, Rock Slide, Skull Bash.
009|Blastoise|Route 20, near Seafoam Island’s southeast shore|Lv 80; Moves: Fake Out, Dark Pulse, Substitute. You will need to deal enough damage to break your opponent’s substitute or the match will not go anywhere. Use Dark Pulse if your Blastoise’s special attack is high enough. If not, use Seismic Toss to deal damage equal to your Blastoise’s level.
010|Caterpie|Fuchsia City, west gate|Lv 65; Moves: Tackle, String Shot
011|Metapod|Route 11|Lv 65; Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Harden
012|Butterfree|Route house between Viridian Forest and Route 2 north|Lv 75; Moves: Quiver Dance, Sleep Power, Air Slash/
013|Weedle|Viridian Forest, south|Lv 65; Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot.
014|Kakuna|Route 13|Lv 65; Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden.
015|Beedrill|Route 8, in tall grass|Lv 75; Moves: Outrage, Drill Run, Agility.
016|Pidgey|Route 2|Lv 65; Moves: Fly, Toxic, Protect, Roost.
017|Pidgeotto|Route 16, north|Lv 70; Moves: Air Slash, Headbutt, Agility.
018|Pidgeot|Route House, 2nd floor, between route 12 and Lavender Town|Lv 75; Moves: Sky Attack, Hyper Beam, Reflect, Roost.
019|Rattata|Route 10, north end|Lv 65; Moves: Bite, Headbutt, Thunder Wave
020|Raticate|Cerulean City, house to northeast|Lv 75; Moves: Double Edge, Facade, Blizzard.
021|Spearow|Pewter City|Lv 70; Moves: Fury Attack, Focus Energy.
022|Fearow|Fuchsia City, southwest corner|Lv 80; Moves: Sky Attack, Focus Energy, Drill Run.
023|Ekans|Route 4|Lv 70; Moves: Glare, Bite, Rock Slide.
024|Arbok|Team Rocket Hideout, southwest side of B1F|Lv 75; Moves: Glare, Facade, Wrap, Sucker Punch.
025|Pikachu|Viridian Forest, north|Lv 75; Moves: Toxic, Substitute, Slam. Try attacking with Dig and other physical attacks.
026|Raichu|Pokemon Tower, 6th floor|Lv 65; Moves: Headbutt, Double Team, Hyper Beam.
027|Sandshrew|Route 11|Lv 70; Moves: Poison Jab, Seismic Toss, Sand Attack
028|Sandslash|Route House, between Route 7 and Saffron City|Lv 75; Moves: Drill Run, Swords Dance, Substitute.
029|Nidoran♀|Route 3|Lv 65; Moves: Super Fang, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam.
030|Nidorina|Underground Path, route 8 to route 7|Lv 70; Moves: Super Fang, Thunder, Blizzard.
031|Nidoqueen|Route 23|Lv 75; Moves: Super Fang, Blizzard, Surf.
032|Nidoran♂|Route 3|Lv 70; Moves: Iron Tail, Headbutt.
033|Nidorino|Underground Path, route 8 to route 7|Lv 75; Moves: Iron Tail, Dig.
034|Nidoking|Route 23|Lv 80; Moves: Horn Drill, Drill Run, Ice Punch.
035|Clefairy|Saffron City, house to northwest of Silph Co|Lv 70; Moves: Sing, Metronome.
036|Clefable|Mt. Moon, B1F down second ladder|Lv 80; Moves: Iron Tail, Moonblast, Minimize.
037|Vulpix|Route 6|Lv 70; Moves: Toxic, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray.
038|Ninetales|Route 9|Lv 75; Moves: Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Dream Eater.
039|Jigglypuff|Pewter City Pokemon Center|Lv 70; Moves: Sing, Body Slam, Disable.
040|Wigglytuff|Silph Co, 11th floor|Lv 75; Moves: Sing, Tri Attack, Disable.
041|Zubat|Rock Tunnel, after third ladder, closer to Lavender|Lv 70; Moves: Air Slash, Confuse Ray.
042|Golbat|Victory Road, 3rd Floor, one ladder from the exit to the Indigo Plateau|Lv 75; Moves: Fly, Confuse Ray. Roost.
043|Oddish|Viridian City|Lv 65; Moves: Sludge Bomb.
044|Gloom|Pewter City|Lv 70; Moves: Sludge Bomb.
045|Vileplume|Route 14|Lv 75; Moves: Substitute, Reflect, Hyper Beam.
046|Paras|Mt. Moon, northeast corner of first floor|Lv 70; Moves: X-Scissor, Sludge Bomb.
047|Parasect|Route 2|Lv 75; Moves: Leech Life, Sludge Bomb.
048|Venonat|Route 24|Lv 70; Moves: Disable, Sleep Powder, Psybeam.
049|Venomoth|Route 15|Lv 75; Moves: Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder, Psychic.
050|Diglett|Diglett’s Cave, Route 2 entrance|Lv 70; Moves: Sucker Punch, Dig.
051|Dugtrio|Diglett’s Cave|Lv 75; Moves: Sand Attack, Substitute, Fissure, Slash.
052|Meowth|Viridian City Poke Mart|Lv 70; Moves: Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse.
053|Persian|Team Rocket Hideout, west side of B4F|Lv 75; Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nasty Plot, Hyper Beam.
054|Psyduck|Route 21, near Cinnabar Island’s north coast|Lv 70; Moves: Amnesia, Psychic, Rest.
055|Golduck|Route 24, down stream near Cerulean Cave|Lv 75; Moves: Yawn, Calm Mind, Psychic.
056|Mankey|Route 5|Lv 70; Moves: Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Fury Swipes.
057|Primeape|Route House, 2nd floor, between routes 11 and 12|Lv 75; Moves: Counter, Taunt, Brick Break.
058|Growlithe|Route 7|Lv 70; Moves: Dig, Toxic, Reflect.
059|Arcanine|Celadon City, hotel on southeast side|Lv 75; Moves: Hyper Beam, Facade, Double Edge, Reflect.
060|Poliwag|Route 12, south end|Lv 65; Moves: Hypnosis, Headbutt, Hydro Pump.
061|Poliwhirl|Cerulean City, house west of Pokemon Center|Lv 70; Moves: Substitute, Scald, Psychic.
062|Poliwrath|Cerulean City, northwest backyard|Lv 75; Moves: Brick Break, Bulk Up, Psychic.
063|Abra|Viridian City|Lv 70; Moves: Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave.
064|Kadabra|Saffron City, house on southeast corner|Lv 75; Moves: Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, Facade.
065|Alakazam|Route 10, south end near Lavender Town|Lv 80; Moves: Tri Attack, Calm Mind, Disable, Recover.
066|Machop|Silph Co., 4th floor|Lv 65; Moves: Thunder Punch, Poison Jab, Bulk Up.
067|Machoke|Fuchsia City, house to the southeast|Lv 70 Moves: Poison Jab, Fire Punch, Bulk Up.
068|Machamp|Vermilion City|Lv 75; Moves: Brick Break, Headbutt, Bulk Up.
069|Bellsprout|Viridian City Trainer’s School|Lv 65; Moves: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Growth.
070|Weepinbell|Pokemon Tower, 7th floor|Lv 70; Moves: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Growth.
071|Victreebel|Celadon City, in front of the Pokemon Gym|Lv 75; Moves: Poison Jab, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance.
072|Tentacool|Seafoam Islands beach|Lv 75; Moves: Barrier, Headbutt, Hydro Pump.
073|Tentacruel|Route 20|Lv 80; Moves: Wrap, Screech, Barrier, Headbutt.
074|Geodude|Rock Tunnel, after second ladder|Lv 65; Moves: Bide, Brick Break.
075|Graveler|Victory Road, 1st Floor|Lv 70; Moves: Fire Blast, Sand Attack, Defense Curl.
076|Golem|Pewter City Museum|Lv 75; Moves: Dig, Fire Punch, Defense Curl, Protect.
077|Ponyta|Saffron City, in front of the Poke Mart|Lv 70; Moves: Reflect, Toxic, Fire Spin, Rest.
078|Rapidash|Saffron City, northwest corner|Lv 75; Moves: Hypnosis, Horn Drill, Drill Run.
079|Slowpoke|Route 21|Lv 70; Moves: Thunder Wave, Earthquake, Facade.
080|Slowbro|Route 21|Lv 75; Moves: Disable, Calm Mind, Yawn, Shadow Ball.
081|Magnemite|Underground Path, Route 5 to 6|Lv 70; Moves: Flash Cannon, Supersonic.
082|Magneton|Underground Path, Route 5 to 6|Lv 75; Moves: Thunder, Hyper Beam.
083|Farfetch’d|Vermilion City|Lv 70; Moves: Swords Dance, Fly, Feint.
084|Doduo|Cerulean City Bike Maniac’s house|Lv 70; Moves: Swords Dance, Jump Kick.
085|Dodrio|Route 15|Lv 75; Moves: Agility, Headbutt.
086|Seel|Seafoam Islands, 1st floor|Lv 70; Moves: Double Edge, Encore.
087|Dewgong|Seafoam Islands, B1F|Lv 75; Moves: Horn Drill, Toxic, Rest, Protect.
088|Grimer|Celadon City, across moat|Lv 70; Moves: Minimize, Fire Punch, Protect.
089|Muk|Pokemon Mansion, 2nd Floor|Lv 75; Moves: Haze, Rock Slide, Thunder Punch.
090|Shellder|Route 19, southeast corner|Lv 70; Moves: Shell Smash, Ice Shard, Headbutt.
091|Cloyster|Route 20, near south shore of Seafoam Islands|Lv 75; Moves: Barrier, Toxic, Protect, Rest.
092|Gastly|Lavender Town, behind Pokemon House|Lv 70; Moves: Shadow Ball.
093|Haunter|Lavender Town, behind two houses to the south|Lv 75; Moves: Shadow Ball.
094|Gengar|Lavender Town, behind Poke Mart|Lv 80; Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunderbolt.
095|Onix|Underground Path, route 8 to route 7|Lv 70; Moves: Protect, Toxic, Harden, Wrap.
096|Drowzee|Viridian City Pokemon Center|Lv 70; Moves: Thunder Wave, Headbutt, Meditate.
097|Hypno|Pokemon Tower, 5th floor|Lv 75; Moves: Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball.
098|Krabby|Vermilion City Fan Club|Lv 70; Moves: Superpower, X-Scissor.
099|Kingler|Silph Co, Lobby|Lv 75; Moves: Guillotine, Stomp. Guillotine will not work if the opposing Kingler has a higher speed stat, and Stomp will randomly cause the target to flinch.
100|Voltorb|Power Plant|Lv 70; Moves: Light Screen, Swift.
101|Electrode|Route 17|Lv 75; Moves: Screech, Headbutt, Light Screen.
102|Exeggcute|Route 24|Lv 70; Moves: Sludge Bomb, Facade.
103|Exeggutor|Cinnabar Island|Lv 75; Moves: Hypnosis, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam.
104|Cubone|Route House, between Route 8 and Saffron City|Lv 70; Moves: Bonemerang, Growl.
105|Marowak|Lavender Town, Pokemon House|Lv 75; Moves: Swords Dance, Double Edge, Fire Punch.
106|Hitmonlee|Saffron City Fighting Dojo|Lv 75; Moves: High Jump Kick, Feint.
107|Hitmonchan|Saffron City Fighting Dojo|Lv 75; Moves: Bulk Up, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch.
108|Lickitung|Route House, 2nd floor, between Celadon City and Route 15|Lv 70; Moves: Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, Disable.
109|Koffing|Route 17|Lv 70; Moves: Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Protect.
110|Weezing|Team Rocket Hideout, B3F|Lv 75; Moves: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Taunt.
111|Rhyhorn|Route 17|Lv 70; Moves: Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast.
112|Rhydon|Team Rocket Hideout, southwest corner of B2F|Lv 75; Moves: Earthquake, Horn Drill.
113|Chansey|Fuchsia City Pokemon Center|Lv 75; Moves: Seismic Toss, Soft-Boiled, Light Screen, Reflect.
114|Tangela|Route 15|Lv 75; Moves: Bind, Hyper Beam, Toxic, Protect.
115|Kangaskhan|Fuchsia City, Safari Zone area|Lv 75; Moves: Rage, Headbutt.
116|Horsea|Route 19, east side|Lv 70; Moves: Scald, Protect.
117|Seadra|Route 12, north end in the sea|Lv 75; Moves: Smokescreen, Hyper Beam, Substitute.
118|Goldeen|Route 12, south end in the sea|Lv 70; Moves: Agility, Headbutt, Poison Jab.
119|Seaking|Route 13, south end in the sea|Lv 75; Moves: Skull Bash, Scald, Protect.
120|Staryu|Route 19, beach near Fuchsia|Lv 70; Moves: Tri Attack, Swift, Light Screen.
121|Starmie|Route 25|Lv 75; Moves: Minimize, Psywave, Light Screen.
122|Mr. Mime|Celadon Condominiums 2nd Floor|Lv 70; Moves: Calm Mind, Barrier, Dazzling Gleam.
123|Scyther|Route House, 2nd floor, between Fuchsia City and route 15|Lv 75; Moves: Swords Dance, Slash, Roost.
124|Jynx|Route 24, down stream near Cerulean Cave|Lv 75; Moves: Calm Mind, Lovely Kiss, Dream Eater, Seismic Toss.
125|Electabuzz|Route 10, outside the Power Plant|Lv 75; Moves: Reflect, Fire Punch, Psychic.
126|Magmar|Pokemon Mansion, 1st Floor|Lv 75; Moves: Toxic, Confuse Ray, Psychic, Fire Spin.
127|Pinsir|Route House, 2nd floor, between Route 18 and Fuchsia City|Lv 75; Moves: Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Guillotine.
128|Tauros|Fuchsia City, Safari Zone area|Lv 75; Moves: Double Edge, Rage.
129|Magikarp|Route 3 Pokemon Center|Lv 65; Moves: Tackle, Splash.
130|Gyarados|Celadon City, hotel on southeast side|Lv 75; Moves: Earthquake, Thunderbolt.
131|Lapras|Pokemon Tower, 4th floor|Lv 75; Moves: Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Confuse Ray.
132|Ditto|Pokemon Manson, 3rd Floor|Show a 4000+ CP Ditto.
133|Eevee|Route 17|Lv 75; Moves: Reflect, Double-Edge.
134|Jolteon|Celadon City Department Store, 3rd floor|Lv 75; Moves: Shadow Ball, Toxic, Rest.
135|Vaporeon|Celadon City Department Store, 2nd floor|Lv 75; Moves: Light Screen, Yawn, Shadow Ball.
136|Flareon|Celadon City Department Store, 4th floor|Lv 75; Moves: Flare Blitz, Superpower, Fire Spin.
137|Porygon|Celadon City Rocket Game Corner|Lv 75; Moves: Iron Tail, Conversion, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt.
138|Omanyte|Mt. Moon, B2F down second ladder|Lv 70; Moves: Scald, Blizzard.
139|Omastar|Cinnabar Lab, 3rd room|Lv 75; Moves: Shell Smash, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Bite.
140|Kabuto|Mt. Moon, B2F down first ladder|Lv 70; Moves: Reflect, Sand Attack, Substitute, Leech Life.
141|Kabutops|House on NE side of Pewter City|Lv 75; Moves: Mega Drain, Brick Break, Feint.
142|Aerodactyl|Pewter City Museum|Lv 75; Moves: Roost, Fly, Toxic, Iron Tail.
143|Snorlax|Route 16, near Celadon City|Lv 75; Moves: Reflect, Facade, Rest. Use Reflect to increase your Snorlax’s defense. He will do the same for the first turn and every time it wears off. Next, use Brick Break to take down his reflect and deal 2x damage. Another option is to use Crunch to deal damage and possibly make him flinch, but this option is only if your Snorlax is faster than your opponent. Once the opponent’s HP is in the lower orange or red, he will use Rest to fully restore his health and status condition. Try to knock him out before that happens, but do not use status conditions or his Facade will deal massive damage. You can use Body Slam while he’s sleeping to deal more damage than Facade, and he will not get a status condition while asleep.
144|Articuno|Seafoam Islands, B3F|Show a 7500+ CP Articuno.
145|Zapdos|Power Plant|Show a 7500+ CP Zapdos.
146|Moltres|Victory Road, 2nd Floor|Show a 7500+ CP Moltres.
147|Dratini|Route 23|Lv 75; Moves: Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Agility.
148|Dragonair|Seafoam Islands, B2F|Lv 75; Moves: Dragon Pulse, Blizzard, Thunder Wave, Light Screen.
149|Dragonite|Cerulean City, house north of Pokemon Center|Lv75; Moves: Reflect, Ice Beam. Dragonite has a better attack than special attack. Hit hard and fast with either Ice Punch or Outrage before your opponent can knock you out.
150|Mewtwo|Pokemon Mansion, B1F|Show a level 9000+ CP Mewtwo
151|Mew|Pokemon Mansion, B1F|Show a level 8000+ CP Mew
808|Meltan|Pokemon Mansion, B1F|Show a level 4000+ CP Meltan
809|Melmetal|Pokemon Mansion, B1F|Show a level 8000+ CP Melmetal