Second Disappearance

April 30th (4/30)

April 30th is the start of the next section of the game. Yukiko will be fully recovered, and the team will discuss the recent murders in Inaba.

May 1st (5/1)

Quest 03 will become available today. Don’t forget to build Social Links with people around Inaba. You may be able to take Marie out of the Velvet Room at the Central Shopping District.

May 2nd (5/2)

Three new quests will become available from people around school. Since many are fetch quests, it’s best to accept them before returning to The TV World.

      • Quest 04
      • Quest 05
      • Quest 06

Return to Yukiko’s Castle to level up your team and face a new Boss Shadow at the top. After completing a dungeon, a new Shadow will always take the place of the older one at the place the boss was located. Defeat them to increase your Courage and pick up a new weapon in the room.

May 3rd (5/3)

This week is Golden Week. Spend time with Nanako to establish the Justice Social Link.

May 5th (5/5)

Today you will decide to go somewhere new. Explore Inaba until you wind up at the Shrine near the Central Shopping District. A new character will appear that heals your party while in the TV. Complete his quests to build the Hermit Social Link and reduce the cost of healing.

May 6th (5/6)

New Books arrive at the Bookstore today. Buy them to build your Status, or attempt the Compulsive Reader trophy.

During the evening, try talking to Dojima to establish the Hierophant Social Link.

May 9th – 12th (5/9 – 5/12)

Mid Terms will take up both day and night during this entire week. If you want to know the correct answers, see the Test Answers page. Unfortunately, even if you get every single question correct, you won’t be at the top of the class unless your Knowledge is high enough. Getting a high score will still boost the S.Link bonds between you and your school mates.

After the test results have been posted, talk with Dojima and Nanako to get some Money and an Accessory for doing so well.

May 13th (5/13)

Today is the first day you’ll be able to establish the Jester Social Link with Adachi. Simply talk to him at Junes, and ask if he wants to hang out.

May 18th (5/18)

After the story has played out even further, a new person will have been kidnapped. Before you can jump in the TV and get him, you’ll have to gather information to find him.

First, talk to Kanji’s mother in front of the Textile Shop in Shopping District, North.

Second, find the kid Kanji was talking with. A lady at Junes will tell you to come back tomorrow to find him. Return tomorrow to speak with him.

Quest 16 and Quest 17 will also become available on this date.

May 19th (5/19)

The boy that talked with Kanji should be available today at Junes. Talk to him to gather more information. This will give you all info needed to find Kanji. Head into the TV and talk to Teddie to find the Steamy Bathhouse. You must rescue Kanji before June 4th.

May 20th (5/20)

New Books arrive at the Bookstore today. Remember to pick them up if you’re trying for the Compulsive Reader trophy.

Today is also the first possible day to establish the Empress Social Link. If your Knowledge is at Expert, you can visit the Velvet Room and find Margaret alone. If your knowledge isn’t high enough, don’t worry, simply visit her at a later date when Knowledge reaches the appropriate rank. Margaret will ask you to make Personas with certain skills. See the Empress page for tips on how to create each Persona.

May 22nd (5/22)

Today is the first day you can start growing produce. See the Gardening page for more info. There’s also the Seedlings and Produce page for what you can grow.

May 23rd (5/23)

Quest 18 will become available today.

May 25th (5/25)

More Part Time Jobs will become available on the bulletin board in the Central Shopping District. Start these jobs to establish the Devil and Tower Social Links.

May 29th (5/29)

Today is the first day you get to try out Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities. This is a Home Shopping TV Program available on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. Although it’s available on each of those days, they will only get new items once a week. They will offer two sets of items for a certain price. Choose one of the items to have it shipped to your house in a few days time.

If you have a Strength Rank of 1, 2, or 3, this day will be the day you obtain The Witch Detective Book from your Sports Club buddies. Make sure to get it if you’re going for the Compulsive Reader Trophy!

June 3rd (6/3)

Quest 20 will become available today. If you complete it, Quest 21 will become available.

June 4th (6/4)

Today is the last day to save Kanji! Rescue him from the Steamy Bathhouse before evening, or else the game will end.