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Persona 4 Golden Guide


Shuffle Time

After winning a battle, sometimes the “Shuffle Time” Option will appear. This allow you to select one tarot card from a small group of cards. These cards have various effects that can affect your Persona or your entire team.

Arcana Description
Aeon Rare card adds 4 more tries
Devil The EXP obtained from this battle is now 0 in exchange for 3 more tries.
Death Immediately ends shuffle time.
Fool All cards on hand become different cards. Plus 1 more try
Empress One card on hand disappears, and you get 1 more try
Judgment No effect
Star One obtained card disappears
Tower The money obtained from this battle is reduced to 0 in exchange for 3 more tries
Wand Obtained EXP increased. The more wands, the more EXP.
Coin Obtained money increased. The more coins, the more money.
Cup Partial HP/SP recover for the entire party. The more cups, the more HP/SP recovered.
Magician The equipped Persona's skill (random) becomes an upper rank skill. Ex: Zionga changes to Mazionga
Emperor The equipped Persona’s level increases by 1
Justice The equipped Persona’s St increases by 1
Strength The equipped Persona’s Ma increases by 1
Hanged Man The equipped Persona’s En increases by 1
Chariot The equipped Persona's Ag increases by 1
Fortune The equipped Persona's Lu increases by 1
Priestess One card on hand becomes an Arcana card
Hierophant One card on hand becomes a Persona card
Temperance Obtain a chest key for locked treasure boxes
Sword Obtain a skill card
Moon The EXP obtained from this battle is halved in exchanged for 2 more tries
Sun The money obtained from this battle is halved in exchange for 2 more tries
Lovers An item drop will not occur for this battle in exchange for 2 more tries
Hermit Enemies won’t notice you until changing floors or once the next battle ends

Sweep Bonus


A Sweep Bonus is activated after all cards in the previous Shuffle Time were picked up. The Sweep Bonus grants the following benefits:

  • Shuffle Time is guaranteed to occur after the next battle.
  • The next Shuffle Time will start with 2 more tries to draw cards.
  • Persona Cards you already possess and cards with negative effects can change into different cards.