League of Legends Guide

league of legends spells


In League of Legends, Spells are used to help teammates or hurt enemy units. They can be used in a variety of ways, so think outside of the box! Two Spells can be assigned to a Champion before the start of each game. The table below lists all Spell names, the Summoner Level you must reach to unlock the Spell, the game modes the Spell are available in, the amount of time in seconds before the spell can be used again, and a description of the Spell. Every Spell increases in power as the Champion levels up.

Spell Level Modes Cooldown (sec.) Description
Ghost 1 ARAM, SR, TT 180 Increases your Champion's movement speed and allows movement through Minions and other Champions for 10 seconds. Movement speed can max out at 28-45% (depending on Champion Level) after accelerating for 2 seconds.
Heal 1 ARAM, SR, TT 240 Restores 90-345 Health and increases movement speed for 1 second. Affects your Champion and target allied Champion, but if there is not targeted Champion, the weakest Champion nearby will become healed. All healing will be halved for units recently healed by a Summoner's Heal spell for 35 seconds.
Barrier 4 ARAM, SR, TT 180 Shields your Champion from 155-455 damage for 2 seconds.
Exhaust 4 ARAM, SR, TT 210 Reduces targeted enemy Champion's movement speed by 30% and damage by 40% for 2.5 seconds.
Clarity 6 ARAM 240 Restores 50% of your Champion's maximum Mana, and restores 25% of your team's Champions' maximum Mana.
Mark 6 ARAM 80 Throw a Snowball straight ahead. If it hits an enemy, they become marked. Your Champion will gain True Sight and can quickly travel to the marked target by using the spell again.
Flash 7 ARAM, SR, TT 300 Instantly teleports your Champion a short distance towards your cursor's direction.
Teleport 7 SR, TT 360 After channeling for 4 seconds, your Champion will teleport to a targeted friendly structure, minion, or ward.
Cleanse 9 ARAM, SR, TT 210 Removes all disables (excluding suppression and airborne) and Summoner spell debuffs affecting your Champion, and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds.
Ignite 9 ARAM, SR, TT 180 Ignites targeted enemy Champion, dealing 80-505 true damage (depending on your Champion's level) over 5 seconds, and grants you vision of the target. The ignited Champion will also receive reduced healing effects during the 5 seconds.
Smite 9 SR, TT 15 Deals 390-1000 true damage (depending on your Champion's level) to targeted monster or minion. When used against monsters, it will also restore a portion of your max health.