League of Legends Guide

lol runes


Runes are a set of special abilities and buffs for Champions to use in League of Legends. Each rune type specializes in a particular gameplay style, and is selected at the beginning of each match during the Champion select screen. Use the table below to get an idea of the different runes and roles in the game.

Rune Specialization Role
Precision Improved attacks and sustained damage. Mage
Domination Burst damage and target access. Fighter
Sorcery Empowered abilities and resource manipulation. Mage
Resolve Durability and crowd control. Tank
Inspiration Creative tools and rule bending. Support

Each rune listed above contains three powerful runes called Keystones and nine minor runes. All runes have different abilities, buffs, and bonuses, so make sure you read them all before selecting! When creating a custom preset rune page, one primary and one secondary rune path must be chosen from the five original runes. For the primary rune path, Summoners must select one Keystone and three minor runes in three different tiers. For the secondary rune path, Summoners must select two minor runes.

In addition to the two rune paths, three stat bonuses must be chosen in a preset rune page. The three tiers are Offense, Flex, and Defense. These can add attack, defense, attack speed, health, and cooldown reduction boosts.

There are five preset Rune pages available for all Summoners at Level 1; however, these preset pages cannot be edited. An additional two custom Rune pages can be unlocked at Summoner levels 13 and 15, and more pages can be purchased from the League of Legends shop for 590 Riot Points or 6300 Blue Essence.