League of Legends Guide



League of Legends doesn’t use very many buttons in-game. The various game play and interface controls are listed in the table below.

Option Buttons
Chat Box Enter
Abilities Q, W, E
Ultimate Ability R
Emote Icon T
Spells D, F
Recall B
Items 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
Item: Wards 4
Emote Hold T and right mouse button
Type: /joke, /dance, /taunt, and /laugh
Ping Hold CTRL and right mouse button
Mute Player Type: /mute
Message to Player Type: /whisper SUMMONERNAME, /w SUMMONERNAME
Reply to Last Message Type: /reply, /r
Vote to Surrender /surrender

User Interface

The User Interface is all the information shown on screen. It might seem like a lot at once, but it will quickly become second nature to you.

Your Champion’s information is located at the bottom-middle portion of the screen. The Champion’s level can be found in a circle below the character’s picture, and the experience progress to the next level is marked by a purple line along the right side of the circular picture. Click the two buttons to the bottom-left of the Champion’s image to see your character’s current stats and runes.

The central box at the bottom of the screen contains all five of the Champion’s abilities, two Spells, their health bar, and their mana bar. Some Champions will not have any mana, or they might have a special ability that uses a progress bar instead of a mana bar. The space directly above this main box will display any status conditions from abilities or items.

The secondary box to the right of the main box is mostly for items. Eight slots can be used in this box: One slot is designated for Channeling back to home base, one slot is for Wards and Trinkets, and six slots are designated for items purchased from the in-game shop. The shop can be accessed by clicking the amount of gold below these item slots; however, items can only be purchased at certain times or locations depending on the game mode.

The game’s map is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and the chat is at the bottom-left corner of the screen. These two can be switched from the settings menu. Press ENTER to access the chat box. Left mouse click the map to send the camera over to that area. Right mouse click the map to send your Champion to that location. It’s best to press Y so the camera follows your Champion wherever they go.

The top-left corner of the screen will show all stat information for anything clicked on screen. Click a Champion, Minion, or even a structure to find out the current health. All ten Champion and their current items can also be seen on the Scoreboard by pressing the TAB button.