League of Legends Guide

ARAM / Howling Abyss

ARAM (All Random All Mid) is the third game mode available in League of Legends, and is the simplest to understand and play. Five random Champions battle five random Champions along a narrow bridge called the Howling Abyss. The objective is to destroy the other team’s Nexus within their base. This game mode is unlocked at Summoner Level 6.

Summoners will be assigned a random Champion during Champion select. The Champions will be selected from both the free Champion rotation and the list of unlocked Champions tied a Summoner’s account. If a player doesn’t have enough Champions unlocked, more will be available from a pool of random characters.

Champions can be traded with other Summoners, but only if the Summoner has that Champion unlocked or if they’re available from the free Champion rotation. Summoners can also re-roll their current Champion to get another randomly selected Champion. The previously assigned Champion will be listed at the top of the Champion select for any other Summoner to grab, but only if the Champion is unlocked for the Summoner or if they’re available in the free Champion rotation.

Up to two re-rolls can be held at a time. Play more ARAM games to earn more re-rolls; wins will contribute more towards another re-roll. Progress to the next re-roll will be listed on your Summoner’s profile next to the Hextech Chest counter.

Items in ARAM can only be purchased from the merchant at home base after dying and before moving off the spawn platform. Once a Champion steps off the spawn platform, items cannot be purchased until they are killed again; however, the item shop can be opened at any time by clicking on the merchant at home base or the gold within the item section of the Champion info box.

Unlike Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline, Champions cannot channel back to home base to recover HP or Mana. Instead, players must grab one of four Health Relics along the map. These pick-ups restore a small percentage of Health and Mana for the person who grabbed it, and a smaller amount for anyone within the area of effect three seconds after the Health Relic is picked up. These areas are often hot spots for battle, especially since timers for these pick-ups will be shown above the scoreboard (press TAB).

Lane Battles and Structures

ARAM is the simplest game mode to understand because there is only one lane for the entire map. That means all ten Champions of all roles will clash in one epic battle from start to finish. Two small patches of grass are on the northern side of the bridge directly at the center. This is the perfect spot to set up ambushes, as are the smaller patches of grass near each Turret.

From the center of the map, two Turrets guard an Inhibitor positioned at the entrance of each team’s base. Neither of these Turrets have defensive plating.

Another two Turrets guard the Nexus within home base. Directly near the Nexus is the spawn platform with the team’s merchant. If any enemy Champion steps on the spawn platform, they will take massive damage and might even die instantly.