League of Legends Guide

Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline is the second game mode in League of Legends. Three Champions battle three Champions in a two-lane map. A small jungle with monsters and stat-boosting platforms called ‘altars’ are positioned within the middle of the map. The objective is to destroy the other team’s Nexus within their base.

Twisted Treeline (3v3) is unlocked at Summoner Level 5, but the first game mode is Co-op vs AI. Player vs player (PVP) will unlock at Summoner Level 7, and Ranked will become available at Summoner Level 30.

Champion Select in Twisted Treeline is straight forward. The three Summoners can choose any Champion that is unlocked or available during the free Champion Rotation.

Items can be bought from the merchant at home base; however, Champions must be on the spawn platform or respawning to actually purchase items. Summoners can recall Champions at any time to channel back to the base. Standing on the spawn platform quickly restores HP and Mana. If a Champion is attacked during recall, they will be stopped and force to fight.

There is also a single Health Relic in the center of the map that will restore a small amount of HP and Mana. The item only works for the one who grabbed it.

Lane Battles and Structures

Twisted Treeline features two primary lanes with a small jungle in the middle. The thick patches of grass around the map provides Summoners with easy ganks and small battles. From the center of the map, two Turrets are positioned along each lane.

A third Turret guards an Inhibitor positioned at the entrance of each team’s base. This Turret is no different from the other two, but the bottle neck into the base can force Champions into crowd control abilities.

One final Turret guards the team’s Nexus at the center of the base. Near the Nexus is the spawn platform with the team’s merchant. If any enemy Champion steps on the spawn platform, they will take massive damage and might even die instantly.


Two Altars are set in the center of the map within the jungle. After 2:30 in-game, the Altars will open up for either team to capture. Stand on an Altar for eight seconds to capture and lock it down for 90 seconds. The altars will change from a gray square to a colored circle with an X when captured. After 90 seconds, the X will be removed from the mini-map, signifying the Altar is open to be captured by the enemy team.

Each controlled Altar will give a boost to the entire team until it is captured by the enemy team. The different buffs are listed below.

  • 0 Altars Boost: Bonus Mana Regeneration
  • 1 Altar Boost: 10% Movement Speed
  • 2 Altars Boost: Restore 1% of your Maximum Health on minion and monster kill

Six monsters camps can be found inside the jungle around these Altars. Slaying these monsters will give extra gold and XP, but no additional buffs.

The Vilemaw

The Vilemaw is the epic monster of Twisted Treeline. It is an incredibly powerful spider-beast with a massive amount of health, located at the northern tip of the map. Not only does it deal massive amounts of damage, but its HP will automatically regenerate during battle.

The Vilemaw attacks Champions with a spit attack and by jabbing with its legs. After a short time, it will grab all nearby Champions with its spider web, pulling them in range for further attack. All Champions will be stunned for one second while they are grabbed by the web.

This epic monster first appears at the ten minute mark in-game. After defeating the Vilemaw it will respawn again six minutes later. This timer is shown above the scoreboard (press TAB).

Defeating the Vilemaw will grant bonus gold, XP, and a buff to the entire team for three minutes. This boost adds a buff to attack speed, cooldown reduction, health and mana regeneration. It will also grant the Crest of Crushing Wrath, which ghosts and empowers all nearby allied Minions.