League of Legends Guide

Summoner’s Rift / Classic

Summoner’s Rift is the original game mode in League of Legends. Five Champions battle Five Champions in a giant map. Three primary lanes separate one base in the northeast from the other base in the southwest. A thick, winding jungle filled with fierce monsters is laid between each of the primary lanes (four sectioned forests at the north, south, east, and west), and a river housing two elite beasts divides the map in half from northwest to southeast. The objective of the game is to destroy the Nexus in the other team’s base.

Summoner’s Rift is the very first game mode available in League of Legends. However, only Co-op vs AI will be available at Summoner Level 1. Player vs Player (PVP) will unlock at Summoner Level 3, Draft Pick will unlock at Summoner Level 10, and Ranked will unlock at Summoner Level 30.

Draft Pick allows a Summoner to choose a role to play in the game instead of deciding among your teammates in the chat. The five options include the three lanes: top, mid, and bottom; Support, which often helps the bottom lane Champion; and Jungle, where a Champion battles the various monsters and helps the team score ganks throughout the map. The table below is a quick breakdown of the different Champion roles and the lanes or areas they are commonly assigned. Exceptions can be made if the player is skilled enough.

Role Lane
Assassin Mid
Fighter Top
Mage Mid
Marksman Bottom
Support Bottom
Tank Top

Home Base and Items

Each team has their own home base located at opposite corners of the map. A merchant can be found at the spawn platform in the back of the base where items can be purchased. Items can only be purchased when standing on the spawn platform in your base or if your Champion has been slain and is in the process of respawning.

Channeling back to home base will also return you to this spawn platform where items can be purchased and Champion health and mana will quickly regenerate. If an enemy tries to walk onto this spawn point, they will take enormous damage and possibly die.

Near the spawn platform is the Nexus where all Minions come from. Once this structure is destroyed, the game is over! There are five doors friendly Champions can enter and exit, but two of these passages have magic spells preventing enemy Champions from entering.

Lane Battles and Structures

Three primary lanes separate one team’s base from the other. Two Turrets will guard each lane from the the center of the map to each base. Since this map is so large, the two Turrets will be spread out far from each other. The first set of Turrets will have an extra layer of armor. This armor plating will fall after 14 minutes if it has not been destroyed.

A third Turret will guard the entrance to each team’s base. On the other side of this Turret is an Inhibitor. Destroy an enemy Inhibitor to allow Super Minions to spawn in that particular lane. These stronger Minions will make it easier to destroy structures and push Champions back. After a short time, the Inhibitor will repair itself and respawn, preventing Super Minions from spawning.

The final structure is the Nexus, and it is located deep within each team’s base. The Nexus will be guarded by two Turrets positioned near each other. The Turrets defending the Nexus have less health than the Turrets set throughout each lane, but their positioning will allow for multiple hits on an enemy unit.

Jungles and Monsters

Four winding Jungles are laid throughout the lanes of Summoner’s Rift. These can be found on the north, east, south, and west parts of the map. Specific Champions use the twisting paths and thick grass to get the upper hand on others.

The jungles to the north and south feature red monsters, and the jungles to the west and east hold Blue monsters. See the table below for a breakdown of all six monster camps and the rewards they offer. Three camps can be found in each jungle section.

Monster Jungle Respawn Reward
Blue Sentinel East and West 300s One large, tough monster. Grants the Crest of Insight: This unit has greatly increased Mana and Energy Regen, and +10% Cooldown Reduction up to a maximum of 50%. The item lasts 2 minutes, but if the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to their killer.
Gromp East and West 150s A large, tough monster that gets tired after fighting for awhile. Grants XP and Gold.
Greater Murk Wolf East and West 150s Several smaller monsters with weak defense but high attack speed. Grants XP and Gold.
Red Brambleback North and South 300s One large, tough monster. Grants the Crest of Cinders: This unit recovers Health when not fighting Champions or epic monsters. Also, their basic attacks burn and slow the target over several seconds. The item lasts 2 minutes, but if the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to their killer.
Krug North and South 150s Medium monster that splits into two mini Krugs when killed. Grants XP and Gold.
Crimson Raptor North and South 150s Several smaller monsters with weak defense but high attack speed. Grants XP and Gold.

Elite Monsters

In addition to normal monsters found throughout Summoner’s Rift, a few elite monsters will spawn in two areas along the central river. The area at the southern half of the river houses a dragon, while the area at the northern half of the river holds one of two different beasts: the Rift Herald or Baron Nashor. More information below.


Dragons can be found in a small base near the southern point of the river in Summoner’s Rift. They first appear at the 5 minute mark in-game, and will spawn 300 seconds after being slain. This elite monster will not fight unless it is attacked first – and battling Dragons is best done with a group.

Defeat a Dragon to earn a Dragon Slayer buff. There are six different Dragons, each with different abilities and different buffs for defeating them. However, a Champion that obtains more Dragon Slayer buffs will do reduced damage to dragons while dragons do increased damage to them.

Dragon Type Buff
Cloud Drake A ranged attacker with a quick breath attack. Mark of the Cloud Drake: a permanent buff which boosts your movement speed. This bonus is increased further while you are out of combat.
Mountain Drake A ranged attacker with a slow, powerful breath attack that can damage multiple Champions at once. Mark of the Mountain Drake: a permanent buff which boosts your damage to Epic Monsters and Turrets.
Infernal Drake A ranged attacker that can damage multiple Champions at once. Mark of the Infernal Drake: a permanent buff which boosts your Attack Damage and Ability Power.
Ocean Drake A ranged attacker that slows its target. Mark of the Ocean Drake: a permanent buff which boosts your character's Health and Mana Regeneration while out of combat.
Elder Dragon A powerful ranged attacker that can damage multiple Champions at once. Mark of the Elder Dragon: a temporary buff that empowers your current Drake Marks. This buff also gives your Attacks and Spells a lingering True Damage burning effect. Multiple Marks of the Elder Dragon will amplify these effects.

Rift Herald

The Rift Herald is one of the elite monsters in Summoner’s Rift. It will appear in a small base at the northern side of the river after 10 minutes in-game time. Once slain, the Rift Herald will not respawn again.

This bug-like beast will use strong melee attacks to deal massive damage to any Champions directly ahead. It has great defense and will quickly regenerate health. The best way to defeat the Rift Herald is to attack with a group of Champions – it is also extremely vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Once the Rift Herald is defeated, it will drop the Eye of the Herald relic to one Champion. This item empowers the Champion’s Recall, allowing them to summon the Rift Herald after 3.5 seconds to one of the three lanes on the map. The Eye of the Herlad must be used within 240 seconds of obtaining the item or it will be lost forever.

The elite monster will rush forward doing damage only to enemy minions and turrets. They can cut a turret’s health in half with a single thrust forward, then deal massive damage with basic physical attacks.

Baron Nashor

baron nashor

Baron Nashor is the strongest elite monster in all of League of Legends. It will appear in the base at the northern part of Summoner’s Rift. This is the same location where the Rift Herald originally spawns; however, Baron Nashor will not appear until the 20 minute mark in-game. 360 second respawn.

The Baron is incredibly tough, dealing massive physical and magical damage. Not only with the first attacks deal damage, but they will continue inflicting damage over time. Meanwhile, Baron Nashor’s own health will quickly regenerate, and it has so much health that all five Champions will most likely be needed to defeat the beast.

Defeat Baron Nashor to receive the Hand of Baron buff to all living Champions. This boost increases attack damage and ability power while reducing recall times. Additionally, all nearby minions gain increased damage and range on their attacks, faster movement speed, and better armor to reduce damage from enemies. Unfortunately, the Hand of Baron buff will disappear once the Champion is killed.