League of Legends Guide

Honor and Rewards

Honor is another in-game system for League of Legends. Riot Games chose to promote honor with the goal of making League of Legends friendly to all players. Play nice and honor other teammates to earn rewards; become a toxic player and you could get punished!

At the end of each game, players are given 40 seconds to honor one of their teammates. Choose from one of the following three options.

Stayed Cool Great Shotcalling GG [Heart]
lol tilt proof honors lol shotcalling honors lol gg honors
Tilt-proof, chill Leadership, strategy Team player friendly

Earn honors from your teammate to increase your Honor level. All Summoners start out at Honor Level 2, which is displayed on their profile. The cap in League of Legends is Honor Level 5, but it will take a lot of time to reach it. Three checkpoints must be reached before another Honor level can be gained. Rewards will be received at each checkpoint and Honor level.

Common Honor rewards include Hextech Key Fragments, Honor Orbs, and Honor Capsules. Three Key Fragments can be forged together to create one Hextech Key, which can then open a Hextech Chest or Masterwork Chest. Key Fragments are awarded at Honor Levels and Checkpoints, and they will appear randomly when using the League of Legends Client.

Honor Orbs and Honor Capsules are similar to Honor Capsules. They will be awarded at set Honor levels and checkpoints, do not require a key to open, and will contain different loot. Orbs contain Key Fragments and Champion Shards. Capsules contain Key Fragments, and either Champion Shards, Ward Skins, Emotes, or Honor-exclusive Champion Skins.

You might ask why doesn’t everyone start at Honor Level 1? Honor Level 1 is saved for those who break the rules. It is a punishment that goes alongside other restrictions, such as a chat restriction. A suspension at any level or another infraction while at Honor Level 1 will drop you down to ‘Dishonorable,’ which is Honor Level 0.

Honor Unlocks
Icon Level Reward
Dishonorable -
Level 1 1 Hextech Key
Level 2 1 Hextech Key
Level 2-1
Level 2-2
Level 2-3
2 Key Fragments
Level 3 Honor Capsule:
3 Key Fragments
1 Ward Skin
1 Champion Shard or Blue Essence
Level 3-1
Level 3-2
Level 3-3
Honor Orb:
2 Key Fragments
1 Champion Shard or Blue Essence
Level 4 Honor Capsule:
4 Key Fragments
1 Emote
1 Champion Shard or Blue Essence
Level 4-1
Level 4-2
Level 4-3
Honor Orb:
2 Key Fragments
1 Champion Shard or Blue Essence
Level 5 Honor Capsule:
5 Key Fragments
1 Champion Shard or Blue Essence
Grey Warwick or Midieval Twitch Skin
Level 5+ Honor Orb:
3 Key Fragments
1 Champion Shard or Blue Essence