League of Legends Guide

Summoner Levels and Unlocks

All players in League of Legends are known as Summoners. Play games against AI bots or online with other Summoners to earn XP and increase your Summoner level. Make note, the amount of XP earned against bots will decrease as your Summoner Level reaches a certain threshold. There is no level cap, and a Summoner’s level will never reset.

Most games will net players an average of 200 XP for winning or 50 XP for losing. The only things of importance that are tied to Summoner Levels are new game modes, new spells, and new rune options. The levels and unlocks of importance are listed in the table below. Credit for level and unlocks go to the League of Legends Wiki.

Additionally, loot bonuses in the form of capsules will become available at select levels. Basic Champion Capsule are rewarded for reaching almost every new level up to Summoner Level 40. Each Basic Champion Capsule contains 1-4 Champion Shards and has a chance of containing some bonus Blue Essence.

At Summoner Level 50, a Glorious Champion Capsule will become available every ten levels. A Glorious Champion Capsule has a chance of containing a Champion Shard, Ward Shard, Icon Shard, or Skin Shard, and an additional chance of containing bonus Blue Essence.

Summoner Unlocks
Lv Important Unlocks
1 Training – Tutorial
Summoner's Rift [Classic] Co-op vs AI
Summoner Spells: Heal and Ghost
New Player Rotation
Summoner Icon Border
2 Ashe
3 Garen
Summoner's Rift [Classic] PvP
4 Brand
Summoner Spells: Exhaust and Barrier
5 Twisted Treeline Co-op vs AI
Hextech Crafting
Summoner Spells: Mark and Clarity
Xin Zhao Shard
7 Twisted Treeline PvP
Summoner Spells: Flash and Teleport
8 Default Run Pages
Janna Shard
9 Training – Practice Tool
Summoner Spells: Smite, Ignite, and Cleanse
10 Summoner's Rift [Classic] PvP Draft Pick (must have 20 Champions)
Sherwood Forest Ashe or Sanguine Garen Skin Shards
Random ward skin permanent
11 Free Champion Rotation
13 Champion Capsule
Custom Rune Pages
15 Secondary Paths in Rune Pages
17 Champion Capsule
Inspiration Rune path
20 Random Summoner icon permanent
25 Random ward skin permanent
30 Glorious Champion Capsule
Ranked Summoner's Rift
Ranked Twisted Treeline
Summoner Icon Border
40 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 1 Emote
50 Glorious Champion Capsule (every ten levels)
Legend 2 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
75 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 3 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
100 Glorious Champion Capsule
Glorious Legend Ward Skin
Legend 4 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
125 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 5 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
150 Glorious Champion Capsule
1 Gemstone
Legend 6 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
175 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 7 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
200 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 8 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
225 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 9 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
250 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 10 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
275 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 11 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
300 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 12 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
325 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 13 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
350 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 14 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
375 Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 15 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
400 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 16 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
425 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 17 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
450 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 18 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
475 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 19 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
500 1 Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 20 Emote
Summoner Icon Border