Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide

Rezurrection Map Pack Information

The Rezurrection Content Pack is the last DLC pack for Call of Duty Black Ops. It was first released on August 23, 2011 for 1200 Microsoft Points on the XBox 360.

The pack contains four zombie maps that were originally released with Call of Duty World at War and their DLC packs. The four zombie maps were re-released with Call of Duty Black Ops’ Hardened and Prestige Editions. All the weapons on the walls are the same, with the exception of the Springfield on Zombie Verruckt (now called Verruckt) being replaced with the Kar98K. All weapons in the Mystery Box have been replaced with the same set of weapons from the other zombie map Mystery Box weapons. New editions are the dive to prone ability, carpenter power-up on all maps, and the four original zombie characters are playable on all maps. 

In addition to the four older zombie maps, a brand new zombie map has been released. It is called “Moon.” Select each map for more information and full detailed maps by Hector Madrigal. If you have trouble reading the maps, refer to this Zombie Map Key.

I’m a Hardened or Prestige Edition owner, how do I get Moon for Free?

If you have already downloaded the Classic Zombies Pack that came with the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty®: Black Ops, fire up the game and go to the Zombies menu. Select either SPLITSCREEN or XBOX LIVE and make sure you are using the XBOX live profile that you used to redeem the maps. There will be a new menu option that reads “FREE ZOMBIES LEVEL.” Select this option and you will be allowed to download Rezurrection for ZERO points starting on August 23rd. If you still have the code from the Hardened or Prestige Edition but have not redeemed the Classic Zombies Pack, you can use your code whenever you like, Rezurrection will still be free for you when it is available on August 23rd.

You can also acquire Rezurrection for free by re-downloading it from Marketplace or from the STORE in the MP menu on the 23rd.

How do I get my free Moon Theme?

Once Rezurrection has been downloaded, go to the In-game Store in the Multiplayer menus and select the tab marked “FREE OFFER.” Presto, free theme.

How do I get my free Call of Duty®: Zombies Soundtrack?

Once Rezurrection has been downloaded, go to the Zombies menu and select “ZOMBIES SOUNDTRACK” from Splitscreen and/or Xbox Live. Make note of your Offer Code in the pop-up window, go to the URL provided and enter your GamerTag and Offer Code. The soundtrack will automatically start to download.