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The list is in. See the top 10 US Baby Names of 2014 for both boys and girls.

I’ve been asked many times what are some popular names for babies in the USA. I tell people the basics like Bob, John, and what not. Well, today the Official Social Security website released a list with the 10 most popular male and female baby names. They are:

Rank Boys Girls
1 Noah Emma
2 Liam Olivia
3 Mason Sophia
4 Jacob Isabella
5 William Ava
6 Ethan Mia
7 Michael Emily
8 Alexander Abigail
9 James Madison
10 Daniel Charlotte

If you were to ask my personal opinion on these names, I’d say they male names are incredibly white (European). It’s true that the majority of the USA is white, but people still like to get creative with names or borrow names from other regions. William, James, Michael, and Daniel are very common, and have been for decadesĀ — if not centuries. As for the female names, they seem to be more diverse sounding. Isabella, Ava, Mia, and maybe even Sophia don’t sound as white as the rest. I don’t want to say Emily and Charlotte are very common, but they have been around for a long time. I’ve known quite a few in my life time.