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Tech Support

Are you in need of PC and home entertainment tech support? Hector Madrigal is offering PC repair, virus removal, maintenance, and electronics consultation.

After leaving my corporate salesman job, I decided to set up my own professional electronics and tech support side job. I’m the handyman of the present–not even future! I’m available in person for local residents or remotely for those who are not within the area. Use the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The services and prices I offer are listed in the table below. More information is detailed below the contact form. Payments can be made through Paypal (USD) or cash and card if the job is done in-person. If you come to me, the prices are set below. If I come to you and you live within the 209 area code, an extra fee will be added depending on the distance.

I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to electronics and tech; however, if I know I won’t be able to help you, I will tell you before hand so neither of us will waste any time.

Tech Support Prices
Service Price
Electronics Consultation – Email Chain $10 per 8 hours
PC Consultation – Email Chain $20 per 8 hours
Website for small business in 24 Hours $50
Website $30
PC Virus Removal $15
PC Optimization $10
PC Cleaning – Dust, Dirt $30
PC Building $65
File Transfer $5
HDD/SDD Backup $10

Electronics Consultation

The most basic support I can offer is electronics consultation. For example, I can analyze the specs of either your current electronics or any devices you might want to buy in the future. Common devices are: desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, TVs, home theater systems, video game consoles, Blu-Ray and DVD players, Keyboards, Mice, and various tech peripherals.

I can offer support through Facebook, Skype, or Email for $10 per message chain within 8 hours. Questions can be as simple as, “What cable do I need to charge this device?” and “What’s a smart TV?” Or electronics questions can be as complex as “What is better for me, iPhone or Android?” Be warned, more complex questions will require further details about yourself before they can be fully and honestly answered.

Website Building

Do you run a small business and need some sort of web presence? I can help set up a quick, business card style website within a day for $50. If time is not an issue, the cost will drop down to $30. However, if you need something larger, such as the scope of my website, the prices will increase.

Please note, the price I charge is for labor only and does not include the price of domains, web hosting, and any extra packages you might want to buy to fit your website design. Furthermore, this service is for website creation only. I will not maintain your website like I can your computer.

PC Maintenance

Is your windows desktop or laptop acting funny, slowing down, or you think it might be on its last legs? I’m here for computer (PC) consultation, repair, and basic maintenance!

Virus removal costs $15. I’ll scan and remove any viruses and malware that might be harming your PC. Additionally, I can optimize your computer by removing bloatware and doing some fine tuning to match your usage. This PC tune up will cost $10. Local customers only.

If your computer is getting loud and overheating to the point it shuts down, it’s time to physically clean it out. I can safely clean any desktop computer from the top of the exhaust fans to the bottom of the power supply fans. It’s best to clean your PC at least once a month so dust doesn’t build up. Clean your electronics more so if you have pets or smoke indoors. This PC cleaning service will cost you $30 per computer. I can also clean video game consoles. Prices depend on the console.

I also have the knowledge and skill to install or remove any hardware within desktop PCs and select laptops. The price of this service depends on the job. Local customers only.

  • GPU Installation: $10
  • CPU installation: $10
  • Thermal compound replacement: $10
  • Power supply installation: $10
  • RAM installation: $5
  • Motherboard installation: $25
  • Storage (HDD, SSD, Etc) installation and set up: $15
  • Other peripheral installation: $5 for PCIe hardware, $10 for fans and coolers, and an additional $10 if driver set up is required for any hardware.

A complete PC built from the ground up will run $65. The prices are for labor, not the cost of the PC parts. You must supply your own parts or supply the money for me to order the parts! If you need advice on building a PC, I can offer support through Facebook, Skype, or Email for $20 per message chain within 8 hours.

File Copy, Transfer, and Backup

While working at my retail job, I came across many people who simply wanted to copy some photos or videos onto another type of storage device. Unfortunately, many retail shops can’t do this for one reason or another. I can do this incredibly quickly (depending on the size of the files) for $5 each transfer, plus the cost of hardware. I can copy files to hard drives, solid state drives, SD cards, Flash Drives, CDs, and DVDs. If you want an entire backup of your hard drive, that will cost $10 each transfer plus the cost of hardware (new HDD/SDD). Local customers only.