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Rainbow Six Siege Skins

The skins available in Rainbow Six Siege are purely for aesthetic purposes. They will not give any player a stat boost or advantage in-game unless a specific camouflage is selected that will allow the Operator to blend into the map.

There are four different item sections in Rainbow Six Siege: Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and Charms. Each item has a rarity that falls under common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary. A random item can be unlocked with an Alpha Pack, a specific item can be purchased/unlocked with the in-game currency Renown, or the item can be bought with the micro-transactions known as R6 Credits. Some items can only be purchased with either Renown, R6 Credits, or actual cash through the DLC store.

Seasonal skins can only be purchased during the season they appear. Remember, a season lasts three months out of the year. However, once the season weapon skin is unlocked, the skin can be used on all Operators that are available, even after the season ends.

For example, the Rusty Trigger weapon skin can only be unlocked during season one of year three–Operation Chimera. However, once season two of year three begins–Operation Para Bellum–the Rusty Trigger weapon skin is unable to be purchased and unlocked. Furthermore, if you already unlocked the Rusty Trigger weapon skin during Operation Chimera, it can be used on the current 38 Operators, but not any new Operators that will become available in the future. As always, this is subject to change!

  • Headgear: This is the Operator skin that covers the entire region above the shoulders. While the majority are available through Renown and R6 Credits, many Operators have at least one piece of headgear that can only be purchased with around 1000 R6 Credits. This item can be mixed and matched with any uniform unless they’re part of an Elite set.
  • Uniforms: This is the Operator skin that covers the entire body, but not the head. This can be mixed and matched with any headgear unless they’re part of an Elite set.
  • Charms: This is the small item that dangles from the side of your larger guns (all primary weapons and some sidearms) and either dangles from the top or sits on the bottom of the shield’s window. Once unlocked, it can be used on any weapon that accepts charms.
  • Weapon Skins: Weapon Skins are the camouflage and fancy paint jobs of weapons. Some weapon skins are universal, and can be applied to any weapon. Some skins are available only for a particular weapon, like the MP5SD, but not the MP5. There is one weapon skin—Diamond camo–that can only be purchased with 100000 Renown.

Elite Sets

A new set of items listed as “Elite” have been released for select Operators. They can only be unlocked as a complete set with 1800 R6 Credits, or 1620 R6 Credits for those with VIP. Each set comes with weapon skins, a unique ability / gadget skin, a uniform, headgear, a charm, and an MVP victory animation. The elite packages can be found under the uniforms section in the shop.

Operator Set Unlock
Mute F Squadron Elite R6 Credits
Sledge L Detachment Elite R6 Credits
Thermite Vintage Bureau Elite R6 Credits
Pulse Lucky Seventh Elite R6 Credits
Rook Gendarmerie R6 Credits
Twitch Maquis R6 Credits
Fuze 2nd Shock Army R6 Credits
Kapkan Vympel R6 Credits
IQ Reunification R6 Credits
Jager Flying Ace R6 Credits
Blackbeard Guerrilla R6 Credits
Valkyrie War Photographer '72 R6 Credits
Ash Sidewinder Free
Ash Black Viper Outbreak Pack
Thatcher Operation Nimrod R6 Credits
Doc Trench Medic R6 Credits
Frost Huntress R6 Credits
Blitz Panzerstarke R6 Credits
Glaz Lethal Citizen R6 Credits

The elite weapon skins can be applied like any other weapon skin. Unfortunately, the headgear, uniform, unique ability skin, and victory animation must all be selected at the same time while selecting character skins.