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Type Defender
Release Year Four, Season One
Armor Average
Speed Medium

Operator Tips

Although Mozzie has three Pests, he can only control two Drones at a time. It’s best to take over two right away to use as secondary cameras that can be placed around the map. They can also be used to hunt down enemy Operators and send them out of their hiding spots.

Unique Ability

Mozzie’s unique ability is a special gadget called the Pest Launcher. This single shot launcher fires autonomous bots called Pests that latch onto nearby enemy drones. Once a drone is taken over, Mozzie can control them with his smartphone until the drone is destroyed. Hacked drones can be destroyed by enemy gadgets and firearms from bothsides, but will not be harmed by friendly gadgets.

A high-pitched sound and a red triangular warning logo will appear on the drone’s screen, notifying enemy Operators of any nearby Pests.

Three Pests are available per round. Mozzie’s hacked drones will be marked by a light whitish-blue outline for friendly Operators. Additionally, the light on the front of the drone will flash blue instead of red for enemy Operators when the drone is in use.

Primary Weapons

Commando 9
Class Assault Rifle
Fire Mode Full Auto / 3 Round Burst / Semi Auto
Damage 36 (30 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 750
Mobility 50
Capacity 26/150
P10 Roni
Class Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Full Auto / 3 Round Burst / Semi Auto
Damage 26 (22 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 950
Mobility 50
Capacity 20/133

Secondary Weapons

Super Shorty
Class Shotgun
Fire Mode Pump Action
Damage 35
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 3/42
SDR 9mm
Class Handgun
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Damage 47 (39 Suppressed)
Fire Rate -
Mobility 45
Capacity 17/64


Barbed Wire 3 bundles of barbed wire. Used to slow down enemies while attacking the base.
Nitro Cell 1 remote-detonated bomb. Can be disarmed by shooting or blowing it up.